JARS v46n2 - 'Whitestone' Parents True Double Flowers

'Whitestone' Parents True Double Flowers
John Nicolella
Hampton Bays, New York

Rhododendron 'Whitestone', hybridized by Paul Vossberg around 1960, parentage unknown, is a fragrant and consistently fully double flowered rhododendron and is proving to be a good parent. Although some of its progeny have absolutely no corolla, several have fully double flowers (see photo of 'Whitestone' x R. yakushimanum ).

'Whitestone' x R. yakushimanum.
'Whitestone' x R. yakushimanum
Photo by John Nicolella

The description "double flower" has been used for varying degrees of doubling. 'Whitestone', however, is a true double (see the Plant Name Registry article in this issue of the Journal for its full description). A close examination of the photos will show how unique the flower is.

R. 'Whitestone'
R. 'Whitestone'
Photo by John Nicolella

Seeds of 'Whitestone', also known as 'Vossberg's Whitestone', and a number of 'Whitestone' crosses are available from the ARS Seed Exchange and may also be available from the New York Chapter seed exchange.

'Whitestone' is growing in several gardens that will be on tour during the Annual Convention on Long Island in May.