JARS v50n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Everett Jefferson
Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Everett Jefferson in recognition of your endeavours that led to the formation of our chapter, for your contributions as president and chairing various committees that promoted its development.

Mae Lauer
The Noyo Chapter is honored to present to Mae Lauer the Bronze Medal in recognition of years of inspired service to the chapter and the community of Fort Bragg. Your activities over many years have served numerous horticultural interests: rhododendrons, azaleas, iris, orchids, seed and plant collecting, and flower judging. You have served as an officer of the Noyo Chapter and of the local community's Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Always, you have provided leadership, a willingness to teach and a grateful and appreciative group of friends who have all gained much. The Noyo Chapter proudly presents to you the Bronze Medal.

David Ward
For the years of your support to the Noyo Chapter, starting with leading us forward as our charter president, we thank you. For sharing your garden and your love of rhododendrons, we thank you. Every year you make our Rhododendron Show better by the beautiful trophies you make of rhododendron wood for the sweepstakes winners of the show. For all your dedication to the Noyo Chapter since its start, we are pleased to award our highest honor, the Bronze Medal to you, David Ward, with our grateful thanks.

Barbara D'Arezzo
Since the formation of the Noyo Chapter, you have served as a devoted member, taking on assignments above and beyond the call of duty. You have done willingly an outstanding job whenever asked. Your devotion to the chapter and eagerness to do any job has set an example for others to follow. Every year you come forward to prepare and serve a truly wonderful lunch for the judges of the Chapter Flower Show, helping to make this event a well-remembered occasion. Your garden, designed by you, has grown to become a special place in the Fort Bragg area that you graciously share with other rhododendron enthusiasts. For your many contributions and cheerful participation, the Noyo Chapter awards to you, Barbara D'Arezzo, the Bronze Medal.

Rose Turner
The Noyo Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is very pleased to award this Bronze Medal to one of our very deserving members, Rose Turner. You have served as a member of the Board of Directors, you have been very active in our annual flower show having been chairperson of our Welcoming and Registering Committee several times. Above all, you have continued to maintain and enlarge the garden your husband Lloyd had started. This is no simple one person task. By opening your beautiful garden to the public every year, you have created more interest in our beloved rhododendron than can be imagined. By voluntarily sharing your cultural practices, you most certainly are responsible for many rhododendrons being grown more beautifully. For your never ending energy and generosity toward growing and showing rhododendrons, we are proud to present this award.

Helen Morgan
Every club needs a "taproot" member - one who nurtures, strengthens and energizes the club in its various stages of growth and activity. You, Helen Morgan, are the epitome of the taproot member. You have served on our board in every official position. You have given your time and energy at every request. At our annual show, you are always there to register entries - and you always add to them from your own collection of plants. You have opened your home and garden for club social gatherings. You have participated regularly in the club's community projects. Your constancy and enthusiasm set an example for all of your fellow members. We join together to mark your outstanding service to the club and to present to you the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal.

Eleanor Philp
Do you want to know about rhododendrons - species, hybrids, the unusual, the beautiful? Ask Eleanor! Eleanor Philp that is. For years she operated with her husband, Bruce, the Trillium Lane Nursery in Fort Bragg. Eleanor sought out and grew many unusual and hard to find rhododendrons. Her enthusiasm and love of these plants was shared with all who came to the nursery. One could see the "big leaves," the "miniatures" and other species growing and blooming. She encouraged others to grow and appreciate all rhododendrons. Her knowledge is continually shared with others. Eleanor was a founding member of the Noyo Chapter. She has been on the board, been membership and program chairman, vice president and president. She has worked long in the community to develop interest in rhododendrons. Eleanor's love of photography has led to her developing programs using slide photographs of rhododendrons in beautiful presentations. She and Bruce have traveled to many chapters and other organizations to present these programs. In this manner she also encourages others to use species in private gardens. So, ask Eleanor! She will tell you all about the rhododendron and give you the background and beauty of the plant.

Herman Vaartnou
The Victoria Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Dr. Herman Vaartnou in recognition of his many contributions to this chapter. As one of our founding members he has served as president, judged at various truss shows and for several years has devoted his expertise and time, besides donating a large number of rhododendrons, to developing a first class rhododendron collection in the Finnerty Gardens at the University of Victoria. He has been actively studying the disease problems of rhododendrons and has arranged for research to be carried out on them. Herman's collection of big-leafed rhododendrons has made his garden a mecca for rhododendron enthusiasts with whom he generously shared his knowledge and plants. Raising them from seed he has named a number of the better forms of species and hybrids. These he has propagated and many a member has gone away happily bearing one of these treasured plants. It is with great pleasure that we present this Bronze Medal to you.