JARS v50n2 - District 3 to Host Western Regional at Ocean Shores, Wash.

District 3 to Host Western Regional at Ocean Shores, Wash.
Oct. 4-6, 1996
Robert M. Reuter
Olympia, Washington

Ocean Shores, Wash., is like a beautiful pearl found resting on a sandy beach of the mighty Pacific. Combine this with a first-class convention center loaded with supporting attributes, set in a location of natural beauty, and offering a variety of activities and you have the makings of a superb setting for the 1996 Western Regional Conference. District 3 is your host this year, and the members will strive to make this 16th annual conference better than ever. So get your calendar right now and reserve Oct. 4, 5, 6, 1996. With so many fun things to do you may want to set aside a few more days and make this into a mini vacation; consider fishing for both salt and fresh water critters, golfing on an 18 hole PGA rated champion course, and even kite flying on the vast sandy beaches.

Do you have to sleep on the beach? If you want to, it's okay, but be aware of the classy accommodations available in a variety of prices. These choices will be spelled out in the Western Regional Conference insert to be found in the summer issue of the Journal.

Bring your camera and capture the mysteries of a primeval rain forest. Or you may want to catch the changing moods of the ocean waves driven by the wind and tides. Evenings you may be blessed with magnificent sunsets that light up the Pacific Ocean as far as you can see. It's all right if you are moved to applaud the artist.

The weather in early October is likely to be warm and sunny. There really is an Indian summer in these parts, but a wrap for walking on the beaches is recommended.

How do you get to Ocean Shores? Folks in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia already know how, but if you are new to the area or are renting a car at a major airport, just drive to Olympia, Wash., via Interstate 5, turn west onto routes 101, 8, and 12 to Aberdeen/Hoquiam and on to Ocean Shores on route 109.

What about the conference? Even the jaded convention center manager said "Wow" about all the decorations and displays planned for his facility. Combine this with unusual events, world class speakers, tours with a difference, and a plant sale featuring new and rare material. If that is not enough, visit shops full of hidden sea treasures or try the array of restaurants and chowder houses all within walking distance of the hotels and convention center.

You know the dates. You know how to get there. See you in October, and we'll discover rhododendron pleasures together.