JARS v50n2 - An ARS Retrospective: Our Fifth Decade, Part VIII 1991-1993

An ARS Retrospective: Our Fifth Decade, Part VIII 1991-1993
Franklin H. West
Narberth, Pennsylvania

James R. Todd, Jr., told of his 25-year hybridizing experience in North Carolina and the hybridizers to which he was indebted. (1991, pp. 2-5, 54-55) John Rouse and Os Blumhardt described in detail an R. lochiae x R. virgatum hybrid. (1991, pp. 6-12) Fir Butler reported better than anticipated results with suppression of phytophthora by Subdue and Aliette. (1991, pp. 13-15) Clarence Barrett shared his garden musings on a winter day. (1991 ,p.15)

Our new Journal editor, Sonja Nelson, was selected to replace retiring Adele Jones. Britt Smith revisited Sikkim in May 1990. (1991, pp. 22-25, 58-59) Paul Molinari and Parker Smith extolled Bob Scott's magic with Maddeniis in California. (1991, 26-29) The 1991 ARS Annual Convention was announced for Oakland, Calif. The theme: "The Rapture of Rhododendrons." Elinor Clarke described her Bear Swamp Gardens at Ashfield, Mass. She listed 25 best survivors of a severe winter. (1991, pp. 34-37, 52-53) Michael McCullough described Jerry Harris' California deciduous azalea hybrids. (1991, p. 38)

Plant names registered between August and November 1990 appear. (1991, p. 43) Medals in 1991: the Bronze by Great Rivers to Rosalie & Richard Fitzwater and Robert Adams; by Middle Atlantic to Dorothy Robinson; by Lewis County to Mildred Gray; by Southeastern to Fritz McCall, Harold Crutcher and James Ray Head; by Portland to Eleanor Stubbs and Eileen Landregan; by Juan de Fuca to Robert & Lorna Wells; by Princeton to Edward & Frances Connors and Benjamin & Marion Shapiro; by Fraser Valley to Ted & Ken Ladd; by Eugene to Joyce Saunders, Slim Barrett, Ron Ivanoff; by Middle Atlantic to John Buschmann; by New York to Jordan & Martha Prince; by Olympia to Art Zakel, Dorothy Chamberlain and George Wambold; by Willamette to Constance Hansen and Betty Spady. Gold Medals were presented by President Austin Kennell to Herbert Spady, M.D. at the 1991 Oakland Annual Convention and by Mary Beasley and Austin Kennell to Donald S. Kellam, M.D., in Charlotte, N.C.

Among our new members in 1991: Dennis B. Royal, Frederick Brandenburg, Jan Oldham, P. & C. Lightfoot, A. & D. Skerbeck, Richard & Ruth West, David Murbach, H. & L. Grantham, Ian & Margaret Craig, Orvel Dawson, F. & A. Buffam, K. & P. Twombly, Bengt Carlsson, Ole Soendergaard, Margot Shober,'Susan Helwig, Ray Womack, Edda Halldorsdottir, G. & G. Capriola, James & Gloria Fraser, Mike & Denise Buffington, Ray Taliaferro, Kay Shannon, Frank & Gay Pecsi, Doreen Nardone, Dr. Arnold Sloane, John Schleef, Toni Puntar, George & Cheryl Swint, Beverly Gartrell, Tom Tuccinardi, Margaret Brooks, Sonam Lachungpa, K.C. Pradham, H. & N. Lohse, Kenneth Cox, and Paul Daddysman. Death came in 1991 to: Dr. J. Harold Clarke, Kimio Doi, Mary Greig, Hjalmer V. Larson, Basil C. Potter, Milton Wildfong, George W. Harding, Dorothy Shaw, Willard Thompson, George E. Patton, Edward B. Dunn.

An expedition to Sichuan in 1 990 was recounted by Warren Berg and Peter Cox. (1991, 62-65,101-104) Clarence Barrett described his garden on Nelson Mt., west of Eugene. (1991, pp. 66-69) J. McGuire, W. Johnson and C. Dawson reported better rooting results with 2:1 solutions of indolbutyric acid and naphthalene acetic acid than with talc preparations. (1991, 75-77)

ARS assets were $110,000 at the end of the latest fiscal year, income $116,000 and expenses $117,000 of which $64,000 was for the Journal. Dan Barney offered eight ways to reduce winter injury. (1991, pp. 80, 109) W.L. Tolstead and J.F. Glencoe reported on hardy tetraploid R. carolinianum (now R. minus var. minus Carolinianum Group) and R. racemosum and their hybrids produced in West Virginia. (1991, pp. 83-84) The Western Regional Conference was announced for Olympia, Wash., for Oct. 4-6, 1991, and the fifth German Rhododendron Conference was planned in Bad Swischenahn May 1992.

Martha Prince introduced us to a day at Dawyck, Scotland. (1991, pp. 86-89, 119) Felice Blake told of her visit to Whidbey Island. (1991, pp. 90-92) Nearly 100 plants registered in the past year were included in the spring Journal insert. August Kehr recommended trying ericaceous Befaria recemosa known as tarflower in Florida. (1991, p. 92) R. Ticknor and M. Skinner tested chemical pruning of rhododendrons and found good responses only by R. occidentale , PJM Group, and an evergreen azalea. (1991, p. 93) W. Judd and K. Kron place all species of Ledum within genus Rhododendron . (1991, p. 95)

Clarence Towe gave details of the R. calendulaceum x R. periclymenoides natural hybrids found in Oconee County. (1991, pp. 94-95) Dick Cavender discovered the beauty of pleiones as companion plants in Zone 7 and possibly 6. (1991, 98-100) Dr. Simon Hall described his way with rhododendron cuttings. (1991, pp. 96, 107-108) Meerkerk Gardens' Pat Halligan reported on test garden results: top prize went to 'Bruce Brechtbill', a pink sport of 'Unique', followed by 'Edith Boulter', 'Grace Seabrook', 'Hallelujah', 'Markeeta's Prize' and 'Nestucca'.

Donald W. Paden reported on the 1990 European rhododendron tour led by the Greers. (1991, 122-125) Clive Justice delved into the story of Archibald Menzies and the discovery of R. macrophyllum . (1991, pp. 127-130) Russell Gilkey reported that yak seed germination can be increased by a 24-hour soak in a water solution of 800-1600 ppm of gibberellic acid. (1991, pp. 131-135) Jan Kelly offered tips for beginners on selecting rhododendrons. (1991, p. 136) Northwest native companion plants were selected by Bob Rose and Clarence Smith. (1991, pp. 139-140)

Frank Kingdon Ward was memorialized by Tony Schilling. (1991, pp. 140-142, 166, 169) Herb Spady took a new look at cold hardiness ratings and proposed an improved system. (1991, pp. 143-144) Thirty-five convention goers took the train from Seattle to the 1991 Annual Convention in Oakland, where Everett E. Farwell, Jr., was named Honorary President and retiring President Austin Kennell handed over his office to Gordon Wylie. A posthumous Silver Medal for Raymond Curtis Huey was accepted by his sister, Emma Bowhan. The Western Regional Conference was scheduled for Olympia, Wash., in early October and the Northeast Regional Conference at Bushkill Falls, Pa., in late October.

Charles S. Hunter praised R. chapmanii (now R. minus var. chapmanii ), an American survivor. (1991, pp. 154-157) Drs. Hilary & Alan Hill describe their Coille Dharaich seaside garden at Oban, Scotland. (1991, pp. 158-159, 175) F. Blazich, S. Warren, J. Acedo, and W. Reece at North Carolina State University found that germination of R. catawbiense was over 90% in 15 days at a temperature of 77°F with less than 2 hours of light daily. For R. maximum , germination was 80% after 21 days at 77 degrees with 12 hours of light or more. Lowering the temperature to 59°F when lights are off increased germination to 100%. (1991, pp.160-165) Frank Dorsey introduced the Subsection Arborea. (1991, 169-170) The ten best dwarfs of the Victoria Chapter were presented by Norman Todd. (1991, pp. 170-173, 178)

The Annual Convention in 1992 was announced for Long Island, N.Y., with articles by Martha Prince on the Nat Hess garden (1991, pp. 182-185) and convention highlights (1991, p. 199). B. Maynard and N. Bassuk at Cornell reported on etiolation (exclusion of light during new shoot growth) and stem banding (excluding light from stem that becomes cutting base). Both techniques improved R. smirnowii rooting; only stem banding benefitted yakushimanum rooting. Bud break was doubled in banded and etiolated cuttings of yakushimanum , and was reduced in smirnowii cuttings treated the same way. Percentage of bud breaks was proportional to number of roots formed. (1991, pp. 186-190) Britt Smith reviewed the $315 book Sikkim-Himalayan Rhododendrons by U. Pradham and S. Lachungpa, two Sikkim natives. A paperback edition was also available. (1991, p. 191)

Middle Atlantic Chapter challenged all others to do likewise: contribute to the ARS General Fund, Endowment Fund and Research Foundation. "Tips for Beginners" gave valuable advice on how to transplant container grown plants by Steven Feryok. (1991, pp. 203-204) Warren Berg wrote and illustrated with fine photos his travels in Kingdon Ward's footsteps in Muli, at the southwest corner of Sichuan. (1991, pp. 206-213) The 10-year index of the journal was included in the fall issue of 1991 as a supplement.

J. Rouse, E. Williams and R. Knox from Melbourne described the flowering of a vireya-evergreen azalea hybrid: difficult to produce, with poor survival ("possible but disappointing"). (1991, pp. 218-226) Clive Justice's Part II told of Archibald Menzies' discovery of R. macrophyllum . (1991, pp. 227-230) Frank Dorsey described R. keiskei . (1991, pp. 231-232) Windowsill propagation of cuttings was described by Bea MacDonald. (1991, pp. 234-236) Felice Blake presented the rather intriguing and exotic R. stenaulum . (1991, p. 235)

The 1992 Annual Convention location, Long Island, N. Y., was favored in the winter issue, with a cover photo of' Pride-of-Planting-Fields' described by Martha Prince (1992, p. 30) and an article "The Golden Quest" by Werner Brack highlighting Eastern yellows. (1992, pp. 2-4) Clarice Clark described vireyas in the wild on Mt. Kinabalu. (1992, pp. 6-8) J. Powell Huie described the species found hardy in southern New England's three coastal zones. (1992, 9-12) Jay Murray identified 'Ken Janeck' as a clonal selection of R. yakushimanum . (1992, p. 14)

President Gordon Wylie announced the acceptance of the new 12th district of the ARS, comprised of the three chapters of the Rhododendron Society of Canada which recently affiliated with the ARS. In addition three other chapters joined the Society: J.D. Hooker in Sikkim, K.C. Pradham, president; the Dutch Chapter from Holland, T. Huisman, president; and the Tennessee Valley Chapter, Joseph Schild, president.

D.M. van Gelderen was one of the featured speakers at the Annual Convention in 1992 in New York. His book Rhododendron Portraits was reviewed by Jon Valigorsky, M.D. (1992, p. 18) A third "Tips for Beginners" was compiled from Harold Greer's guide book on the topic of soils and mulches. (1992, pp. 21-22) Clive Justice told of the Society's newest chapter in Sikkim, its explorers, botanists, and trekkers. (1992, pp. 23-25,44, 50) William Moynier wrote of vireyas in Southern California where they bloom the year round. (1992, pp. 26-29, 41)

Bob Minnich recorded Betty & Bob Anderson's story of their garden in Enumclaw, Wash., to be seen at 1993 Annual Convention in Tacoma. (1992, pp. 38-39) Plant awards given in 1991: S.P.A. NE to 'Scintillation' by Charles Dexter; A.E. NW to 'Queen Bee' by Warren Berg; and a P.A. NW to 'Horizon Monarch' by Ned Brockenbrough. Election of District Directors took place in ARS Districts 1, 2, 7 & 10. A total of 5,693 copies of the Journal were distributed each quarter of 1991.

George Smith introduced the rhododendron garden at Arduaine, Scotland (20 miles south of Oban). (1992, pp. 55-58) Rich Owings presented the native azalea repository at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, N.C., at Bent Creek Experimental Forest. (1992, pp. 62-64) P. Tsao, G. Daft, A. Sztejnberg, and Y. Miyata at the University of California, Riverside, studied potting mixes for control of phytophthora and found composted hardwood bark, redwood bark, pine bark, and peat inhibit the fungus; urea nitrogen amendments increased the inhibition, as did gypsum. (1992, p. 65) Bill Dale sang the praises of 'Polar Bear', an August bloomer. (1992, pp. 66-67)

The Southeastern Regional Conference was called for Norcross, Ga., in the fail. Peter Cox shared his observations on rhododendrons in Eastern U.S. He was shocked by the number of hybrids masquerading as species (over 20 percent!). (1992, pp. 68-70) A handy truss carrier designed by Ned Brockenbrough was made from ½ inch PVC pipe, joined by L's and T's. (1992, p. 70) The Azalea Chapter reported that the top ten rhododendrons for Atlanta gardens were: 'Roseum Elegans', 'English Roseum', 'Scintillation', 'Cynthia', 'Trude Webster', 'Anna Rose Whitney', 'Caroline', 'A. Bedford' (synonym of 'Arthur Bedford'), 'County of York' (synonym of 'Catalode') and 'Blue Ensign'. Ian E.M. Donovan urges re-examining hardiness ratings, using the Herb Spady proposals made in 1991, summer issue. (1992, p. 72)

George Ring reopened the debate by suggesting 'Ken Janeck' is a smirnowii-yakushimanum hybrid. (1992, p. 72) "Tips for Beginners" dealt with adjusting soil acidity. (1992, p. 77) Dennis Bottemiller described the Rhododendron Species Foundation's new propagating benches. (1992, pp. 78-79) Dick Chaikin pleaded for precise accuracy in labeling by the collector. (1992, pp. 80-81) Jay Murray and Donald Voss presented a list of cultivars named for presidents and first ladies. (1992, p. 81) Donald S. Kellam, M.D., wrote about the Sandwich Club studying the Dexter derivative hybrids at Heritage Plantation. (1992, p. 82)

Katie Schusler presented plans for Meerkerk Garden. (1992, pp. 84-85) Lynn Watts discussed the Subsection Glauca. (1992, p. 85) Art Dome described ericaceous companion plants with fine close-up photos. (1992, pp. 86-89) Registry of Plant Names, Feb. '91 thru Feb. '92 was included as a supplement to the spring Journal. Ken Gibson described the horrors of powdery mildew with photos. (1992, pp. 90-92) Joseph Holaday wrote a personal recollection of James Barto. (1992, p. 93, 97) Mark Konrad, M.D., described design of his own garden near Pittsburgh, Pa.(1992, pp.94-96) John Nicolella presented Paul Vossberg's double 'Whitestone'. (1992, p. 98)

Robert D. Wright studied the influence of nitrogen on flower bud formation, which increased with the nitrogen level. (1992, pp. 99-100) The 1992 Western Regional Conference was scheduled for Newport, Ore., in late September 1992, and the Southeastern Regional Conference at Atlanta in late October. Chapters contributed $15,500 to ARS funds in 1991-2: Juan de Fuca, North Island, Fraser South, Massachusetts, De Anza, California, Princeton, Potomac Valley, Middle Atlantic, Mason Dixon, Whidbey Island, plus the Western Regional Conference and California Annual Convention '91 committees. Income and expenses of the Society showed a net gain of $2,322; with total assets now at $120,849. Massachusetts Chapter forms the biggest test garden: the combined members' gardens with long term record keeping. A 45-page report was published by the chapter.

Medals in 1992: the Bronze by Juan de Fuca to Frank & Dorothy Sterbeck; by Middle Atlantic to Elmer Lapsley, Paul James and Bob Porter; by Pine Barrens to Ray & Karen Rhoads; by Valley Forge to Howard R. Kline and James D. Gears; by Vancouver to Claire Bennett, Margaret Charlton, Arthur Rempel and Susan Baker; by Maine to Louise & Walter Winkler; by North Kitsap to Dave & Lila Gruger; by Susquhanna Valley to Robert K. Peters and William L. Rhein; by Victoria to Margaret Buffam, David Dougan and Leslie Drew; by Whidbey Island to W.A. Stipe and Katie Schusler; by Cape Cod to Dick Chaikin; by Massachusetts to Ed & Peg Brown, R. Wayne Mezitt and Joseph Parks; by Olympia to Cliff & Gladys Cannon and Ruth Wick; by Seattle to Jeanine Smith; by Great Lakes to Doren L. Hinerman and Dr. Thomas Ring; by Mason Dixon to John & Noralie Katsu and George Brubaker; by Olympic Peninsula to Mark & Statia Kosloff; by Portland to Peter Kendall and Tom &Marge Barker; by Tualatin Valley to Shirley Smith and Clarence Smith. Among our new members in 1992: C. & C. Bartenfeld, E.B. Andreassen, C. Oudijk, CM. Zonneveld, M. & A. Maltby, R.C. Sutter, J. & I. Darroch, F.M. Slomski, K. & E. McLellan, J.E. Buehler, F.C. Kalmbach, A. & T. Widdowson, P. & J. Guttormsen, K. Egilsdottir, L. Planteskole, R. Bledsoe, H. & D. Dockendorff, Judith Allison, Wm. Wilgenhof, H.G. Hedges, R.A.P. Archbold, James B. Gable, J. & B. Willard, Jr., D.M.V. Gelderen, J. O'Donal, J. Fazenbaker, J. & P. Hall, Ken Campbell, David Grantham, R.W. Kocher, B. & A. May cock, J. & S. Magyar, K.W. Verboom, Ann Kordus, J. & C. Kozlowski, E. & C. Bryja and L. E. Gottesman. Death came in 1992 to: Mary Fleming, Kendall W. Gambrill, Evelyn Wylie, Alfred A. Raustein, Donald S. Kellam, M.D., Paul K. Huber, Karen Gunderson, Arthur A. Childers, Janet E. Binford, Frederick A. Serbin, M.D., and William F. Sullivan.

Mike Trembath praised the old but not ugly varieties. (1992, pp. 110-111) A total of 45 commercial members were listed in the spring issue. (1992, p. 113) Donald Paden presented rhododendrons in Middle America. (1992, pp. 122-125) The Alderman library (at the Univ. of Va.) has 20,000 items in its rhododendron manuscript collection, plus many books. Brian Mulligan presented R. hanceanum 'Nanum', its origin and history - "a bright daffodil yellow...one of the best yellow dwarfs". (1992, pp. 126-128)

At the 1992 ARS Annual Convention on Long Island, N.Y., President Gordon Wylie announced the acceptance of our newest chapter, Cascade Chapter of Bellevue, Wash., Robert E. George, president. Silver Medals were presented to Judson Brooks and Jack Cowles. Dick Brooks, Eastern vice-president, outlined the financial problems of the ARS (in view of cost escalations because of inflation). Contributions to the Endowment Fund by members and chapters headed his list of possible ways to avoid further dues increases. (1992, p. 133, 174) Three by-law changes were presented for membership vote.

"Tips for Beginners" were given by Ted Van Veen on rhody nutrition. (1992, pp. 141-142) Lynn Watts praised R. auriculatum . (1992, p. 142) Two Puget Sound gardens were previewed for the 1993 Annual Convention at Tacoma: Arthur Zabel's garden by Bart Ripp and Point Defiance by George Ryan, Orris Thompson and E. White Smith. (1992, pp. 143-145) Gary Koller announced a program at Arnold Arboretum to gather outstanding forms of native rhododendrons. (1992, p. 145) Sandra McDonald presented the native azaleas of Georgia with fine photos. (1992, pp. 146-149) Adele Jones gave us a new look at Portland's Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden recently renovated. (1992, pp. 150-153) Alice Knight featured heathers as companion plants. (1992, pp. 154-157)

D. Roberts, Jr., and J. Walker of the University of Georgia reported that phomopsis dieback of azaleas was controlled by Benlate, Omega or Tilt. (1992, p. 158) Additions to the Register of Plant Names were printed. (1992, pp. 159-162) One thousand citations to rhododendron research were assembled by Dr. Homer E. Salley in a database housed at Lloyd Library, Cincinnati. Kathy Van Veen found out what could be learned from plant names. (1992, pp. 169-173) David W. Goheen translated Edward Moser's article on the rhododendrons of the Caucasus and their hybrids. (1992, pp. 182-185)

Bart Ripp prepared Tacoma convention goers to visit Lakewald Gardens at Gravelly Lake, Wash. (1992, pp. 186-187) Kenneth Cox (English literature major in college) told of rhododendrons mentioned in 19th and 20th century literature, and invited others to find more. (1992, pp. 188-190) Benlate proved to be a good control of cutting diseases, reported S. Clark, M. Daughtrey and M. Macksel from Cornell. (1992, pp. 190-191) A 1965 letter from Halfdan Lem was reprinted. (1992, p. 191) President Wylie urged all chapter members to be helpful teachers for new members. (1992, p. 192) Joe Parks alerted us to the possibility that truss shows could mislead the public as to the garden value of the plants. (1992, p. 193)

Joe Harvey joined the hybrid side of the debate about 'Ken Janeck': species or hybrid? (1992, p. 194) Chapter and regional donations to ARS General Fund and Endowment Fund totaled $10,500 for fiscal year 1992-3. Funds were received from Valley Forge, Great Rivers, North Kitsap, Whidbey Island, New Jersey, Princeton, Fraser South, Mt. Arrowsmith, Potomac Valley, Greater Philadelphia, Cape Cod, Seattle, Eugene, and Middle Atlantic chapters, and the Annual Convention on Long Island. E. Dutky and G. Ruhl outlined procedures and sources of diagnostic help in solving plant health problems using labs in the 50 states and six provinces. (1992, 198-199) Ben Pecherer made a chemical analysis of rhododendron flower colors. (1992, pp. 200-202) E. Garvey and B. Bullock of the National Arboretum studied seedlings of R. mucronulatum . (1992, pp. 203-204) Preparing for the 1993 Annual Convention in Tacoma, Steve Gangsei gave a preview of Tumwater Falls Park. (1992, pp. 204-205) "Tips for Beginners" dealt with mulching, presented by Terry Richmond of British Columbia. (1992, pp. 207-208) August Kehr received the Todd Gresham Award from the Magnolia Society, and John Creech received the Veitch Memorial Medal from the RHS.

Eleanor Philp showed color photos of foliage splendor. (1992,pp. 210-211) Meerkerk Garden hybrid ratings were published by Pat Halligan. Hybrid of the year was awarded to 'Noyo Brave' in 1991 and 'Nancy Evans' in 1992. Outstanding plants rated include: 'Blaney's Blue'*, 'Blue Boy', 'Hotei', 'Karen Triplett', 'Newcomb's Sweetheart', 'Noyo Chief and 'Waltham'*. (1992, pp. 212-216) George Fraser was honored in Scotland, reported Bill Dale (1992, p. 217)

Good doers for Washington, D.C. were listed by R.T. Johnston (1992, p. 218) The Register of Plant Names now appears quarterly in the Journal, instead of as an annual supplement. Clarence Barrett told how to create a "standard" rhododendron that looks like a tree rose: graft dwarf rhodies on 5-foot understocks. (1992, pp. 233-234) Mike Oliver and Frank Mossman reported finding an apetaloid R. occidentale . (1992, p. 235)

President Wylie gave us some glimpses into his home where the ARS Seed Exchange is housed. The membership approved three by-law changes (one of which empowered the Board to amend the by-laws). District Director elections were held in District 3, 6, 11 and 12. Three new chapters were welcome: Pilchuck, Amby Schultz, president; Ann Arbor, Carolyn D. Lewis, president; and Nanaimo, Ward Porter, president. (1993, p. 9) Jonathan Leonard shared Dexter rhododendron secrets from a breeder's perspective, including the "white stars," plus a list of named Dexters through the '70s. (1993, pp. 2-7) Members were invited to join the Sandwich Club by Dick Gustafson. (1993, p. 10) Jay Murray, our registrar, presented names of plants registered Aug. 1-Nov. 1, 1992. (1993,pp. 17-22,46-48)

J. Rouse, R. Knox and E. Williams from Australia studied breeding barriers within genus Rhododendron and report their findings in detailed tables. (1993, pp. 23-28, 40-45). The ARS Research Foundation funded five projects in 1993. The new alpine garden at the Rhododendron Species Foundation will be a highlight of the 1993 ARS Annual Convention in Tacoma. Bill O'Neill gave driving tips and described gardens to visit in the Puget Sound area, and Bob Minnich presented the largest rhody grower in the world, Briggs Nursery, included in Annual Convention tours. (1993, pp. 32, 34-35) "Tips for Beginners" topic for the winter issue: watering, by H. Edward Reiley. (1993,p. 33)

The Pollen Bank was reported by Marthaann Mayer, with a long list of pollen requests from members. (1993, pp. 36-37) Awards of Excellence were given to 'Horizon Monarch' (NW) and 'Naselle' (NW). On the winter cover, R. albiflorum (almost impossible to grow). Merle Sanders described the rescue of Beneschoen Gardens in Little, Creek, Ore. (1993, pp. 38-39) The index to volume 46. (1993, pp. 49-56, 59) Nickolas Nickou, M.D., praised R. quinquefolium . (1993, p. 55)

Vireya 'Cape Cod Sunshine' made the spring cover; photo by Dick Chaikin. Warren Berg and Peter Cox reported on plant hunting near the Mekong Salween Divide, where they found over 60 species of rhododendrons on an arduous trek. (1993, pp. 62-67) J. Preece, M. Imel and A. Shevade at Southern Illinois University succeeded in tissue culturing PJM Group from leaves harvested from shoot cultures. These adventitious shoots are not always carbon copies of the stock plant, hence afford an opportunity to select new forms. (1993, pp. 68-71)

President Wylie's final report to the membership thanked the hundreds of chapter and national officers, directors and committee people who help keep the ARS going. (1993, p. 72) Mark Widrlechner announced that we have funded over 80 research proposals in the last 20 years, totaling almost $100,000. More contributions are needed for the Research Foundation. (1993, p.75) The Northeastern Regional Conference was announced for Danbury, Conn., at the end of October 1993; the Western Regional Conference met at Eureka, Calif., also in October.

Peter Cox signaled a clarion call for the ARS Annual Convention in 1996 at Oban, Scotland, limited to the first 600 who preregister. (1993, p. 78) "Tips for Beginners" featured Warren Baldsiefen on pruning large-leafed rhododendrons. (1993, p. 79) Bengt Kihlman supports Kron & Judd's suggestions that Ledum is a rhododendron subsection and praises R. vanhoeffen : a probable hybrid of R. lapponicum and L. palustre , found in West Greenland. (1993, pp. 80-83) Paul Cappiello tells of the Maine way with rhododendrons. (1993, pp. 84-88) Richard Chaikin told of vireyas in cool climates (house and greenhouse); Dennis Bottemiller praised them as house plants; E. White Smith writes about them in his Tacoma Vireya Vine; R.M. Steele praised them in his Nova Scotia poly house; and Dick Cavender grows them in hanging baskets. (1993, pp. 89-94)

Dave Thompson described the gardens of Marshall Majors, on the garden tour at the 1993 Annual Convention in Tacoma, and Bob Minnich told of H.L. Larson's rhododendron legacy. (1993, pp. 95, 96-97) Does winter leaf curling confer cold stress tolerance? This is the question E. Nilsen and A. Tolbert of Virginia Polytechnic Institute asked. Their answer: yes, in the species, and less so in hybrids. No direct relationship was found between leaf freezing point and leaf curling or cold hardiness. (1993, pp. 98-104) The Rhododendron Species Foundation garden is renamed Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden.

Revenues of the ARS in 1992 were $184,000 and expenses were $143,400. The excess was put in the Endowment Fund. A list of donors to the Research Foundation and Endowment Fund was published. (1993, 112-113, 119-120) R. vaseyi refuses to hybridize, Barbara Leypoldt said as she introduced it in preparation for the 1994 Annual Convention in Ashville, N.C. (1993, p. 118) 'Joan Leslie Hammond' made the cover of the fall issue, perhaps heralding an era of trinomials in plant names! August Kehr invited us all to visit in the Bonnie Blue Ridge Mountains in May 1994 at the Annual Convention hosted by the Southeastern Chapter. (1993, pp. 126-127, 203-205) Leslie Drew wrote in praise of Dave Dougan's garden on Malahat Mountain, B.C. (1993, pp. 122-125) Peter Cameron focused on fragrance in the species. (1993, pp. 128-130)

President Richard Brooks in his first report praised the Tacoma Annual Convention planners of District 3 for their successful meeting; he also thanked Gordon Wylie for his leadership in 1992-3. The executive secretary, Barbara Hall, reported the acceptance of the seventy-first ARS chapter, Peace Arch, of British Columbia, Gifford Robb, president. Gold Medals of the Society were presented to Peter Cox and H.H. Davidian for their contributions to our genus. A Silver Medal was awarded to Parker Smith for his service to the Society. Past President Austin Kennell trumpets a call for contributions to the Endowment Fund.

"Tips for Beginners" in the summer issue discussed pruning evergreen azaleas, by Tom Hughes (1993, p. 136) A. Rayburn, M. Iqbal and D. Paden of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed how DNA fingerprinting can help make positive identification of rhododendron varieties. (1993, pp. 137-138) E. Irving and R. Heba presented a sweeping review of the origin and distribution of rhododendrons, influenced by plate tectonics, periodic glaciations and protection on the slopes of steep mountain valleys. (1993, pp. 139-146, 157-162) Peter Cox pursued plant hunting in Western China twice in one year! (1993, pp. 147-151) M. Widrlechner, R. Larson and S. Dragula explored the Midwest U.S. for deciduous azaleas and elepidotes and provided seeds and pollen for the exchanges to distribute species adapted to those extremes of climate. (1993, pp. 153-156) The Register of Plant Names continues to appear in each Journal issue, "If you name it, please register it."

* Name not registered.