JARS v52n1 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Louise Dwyer

Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Louise Dwyer in recognition of your dedication, hard work and active participation on behalf of MARS' commitment to the garden at Valhalla. For your exemplary two-year term as president and the enthusiastic leadership and guidance you have given the club. Sept. 10, 1997.


Nancy Greenwood

In the years that you have been a member of the chapter, you have given generously and enthusiastically of your energy, time, vast horticultural knowledge, and organizational talent. You have served on a number of committees and projects, formally and informally; you have been an ambassador for the genus Rhododendron in your lectures to community organizations and in your other horticultural activities; and you have been an eminently qualified and effective salesperson at our annual chapter plant sales. Last but not least, as vice president and program chairperson for four long years, with your superb connections and perseverance, you brought us some of the best and most interesting topics and speakers. For all your efforts, named and unnamed, for your friendship and loyalty, and for your sharing nature, we are very grateful and consider you most deserving of this award. Nov. 9, 1997.

Ruth and William Miller

Shortly after you joined the chapter in 1991, you offered your help as the owners of a small printing company. You both made it possible, financially and otherwise, to give our newsletter the current professional format and our promotional material a very polished look. You used your resources and connections to help us in numerous other ways. You have staffed the cashier's booth at our all-important plant sale, and you, Bill, served a term as director and served on a number of committees, including the Budget and Audit Committees. You have helped with many chapter functions, and you have always done so willingly and cheerfully. You have shown a keen interest particularly in azaleas and have shared with others some of your acquired knowledge as a contributor to the newsletter. You both have served well the genus Rhododendron , and value you both as members and friends. We wish you the very best in your retirement from the company and hope you will have plenty of time to tend your garden. Nov. 9, 1997.

Anne and Winfield Howe

Since joining the chapter both of you have been enthusiastic and loyal supporters of the chapter in many and varied ways. Both of you have worked countless hours in coordinating plant sales and the annual flower show including judging and clerking at Longwood Gardens. Both of you have also served as judges for other chapters. In addition, both of you have given much time and effort in arranging for several recent banquets. Anne, you have served as hospitality chairperson and as a member of the Audit Committee. Win, you have served both as board member and as chapter president. Both of you continue in your enthusiastic effort on behalf of the chapter and the society as evidenced, Win, by your service as newsletter editor and, Anne, by your having served as treasurer for the recently concluded ARS Northeast Regional Conference. It is therefore with great pleasure that this medal is awarded this 9th day of November 1997.

Frank Brouse

For your many services, the Valley Forge Chapter is pleased to award to you the Bronze Medal. Over a period of many years you have provided your expertise in propagating plants for our members and for the Jenkins Arboretum with which the chapter is so closely associated. You have spent much time, with others, in the gathering of cuttings of species and hybrids by hybridizers in the Northeast US for the "Jenkins Project." You have provided a broad spectrum of choice shrubs and trees for our many plant sales and assisted in making those functions successful. You have served on the chapter's Board of Directors for several terms and your input and guidance has been appreciated. Again, many thanks on the presentation of the medal, Nov. 9, 1997.


Judy Gordon

The Victoria Rhododendron Society wishes to acknowledge the many contributions made for its well-being by Judy Gordon. Judy has had an impact on the lives and gardens of all of our members. She has worked enthusiastically at conventions, on committees, at shows and meetings and in every endeavour of the society. She has been previously recognized for her contributions to the society by being awarded the Abkhazi Tray in 1990. Her love of plants and people is sustaining and infectious. The members of the Victoria Rhododendron Society are honoured to present this medal to Judy Gordon.


Frank Fujioka

Frank is internationally known for his overall dedication to the genus Rhododendron . His knowledge and experience in hybridizing has been presented to many American Rhododendron Society chapters and other horticultural organizations. He has served this chapter as director, committee member, advisor, and strong supporter. He is an active volunteer and advisor at Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens, a member of the Northwest Hybridizers Group, and an active participant in the local rhododendron shows. His dedication to gardening and rhododendrons in particular is evidenced by his beautiful personal garden. October 1997.

Donald Lee

Don has served the chapter as president, vice president, and director. He has been a strong supporter and active volunteer at Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens and other community and chapter projects. His knowledge of native Whidbey Island plants has helped many members in planning their gardens. We are proud to have him as a member of our chapter. October 1997.