JARS v52n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


E. William "Bill" Moyles

Bill, we want to honor you for your contributions to the genus Rhododendron and for your tireless work for Cal Chapter and the American Rhododendron Society. We are especially grateful for the vireya garden you started at Lakeside Park Garden Center in Oakland. In what seemed like a very short time you took your exquisitely grown vireya collection and gave the community a place to experience the beauty of vireyas for years to come. We are delighted that your best rhododendron hybrids are now commercially available. Thank you for R. 'Fleurette Evans', 'Cappuccino', 'Noyo Dream', 'Rose Lanterns', 'Winter Lights' and a host of other hybrids. Your creations will be enjoyed by many of us in the Bay Area and beyond. The Society would be at a loss without your extensive international correspondence with vireya enthusiasts. You have acquired rare and unusual vireya species and hybrid seeds from far away lands. You are a gardener's gardener, a true plant lover. Your home is a beautiful addendum to horticulture highlighted with little gems and full of interesting plants that represent years of contemplation and thoughtfulness. You grow many things well without a lot of fanfare. Your work with rhododendrons gives definition to the saying, "Virtue is its own reward." California Chapter is pleased to present to you its highest award, the Bronze Medal. June 19, 1997, Oakland, California.


Clint Smith

The Cascade Chapter has been fortunate in having you, Clint Smith, as a member from the very beginning of our formation. You have served well as a vice-president and board member, and have had the responsibility for the planning of chapter programs. You have also served the chapter by your generous donation of plants at the chapter meetings, as well as supplying plants for our yearly flower show and plant sale at very small cost. You have spent many hours at our plant sales promoting the value of the plants on sale. Let this award also reflect the tireless service performed by you in preparing slide programs and hands-on workshops, and in sharing your great knowledge of rhododendrons with both our chapter and other ARS chapters. Your service to the genus Rhododendron is also noted in your work preparing cuttings and seedlings for the Rhododendron Species Foundation. May this award help express our warm appreciation for your friendship and loyalty to our chapter. June 1998.


Tom Wynn

In recognition of 20 years of dedicated service. A chapter founder, Tom has capably served multiple terms as chapter president, vice president and secretary, and has provided constant leadership as a member of the board of directors. Has worked tirelessly on ARS activities, including the chapter's annual show and sale and as registrar for the Annual Convention and Western Regional Conference. Very rarely in the limelight, he provides invaluable knowledge that is combined with hard work and genuine enthusiasm. When there is work to be done Tom quietly provides the backbone of the effort, inspiring others to pitch in and help. Tom, your quiet dedication and your constant willingness to help are greatly appreciated by all. We don't say it often enough: Thanks, Tom, for all that you do. May 20, 1998.


Sybil C. and Walter A. Przypek

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Sybil C. and Walter A. Przypek this Bronze Medal in recognition of your active participation and service to the chapter for many years, especially since the 1988 convention. Sybil has served as both our New Member Committee chairman and has been registrar and organizer for several chapter meetings in the Tidewater area. She also filled in as secretary for 1996-1997. Walter is our Video Library chairman. In addition to collecting many rhododendrons and other plant videos, he has recorded talks and tours at our meetings. He has contributed plants and seedlings for auctions and plant sales and has received many truss show honors. They have been leaders in the Hampton Roads Horticultural Society, the Colonial Virginia Chapter of the Holly Society of America and the York County Master Gardener program for which they planted a mainly rhododendron and azalea garden at the county building. They have been generous hosts for meetings and tours. With sincere appreciation for your efforts and many contributions we present you with this chapter's highest honor. May 16, 1998, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Douglas K. Jolley, D.D.S.

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to Douglas K. Jolley, D.D.S., this Bronze Medal in recognition of his establishment of the chapter nursery at his farm in West Virginia and for his and other members' contributions to the chapter garden at the James Madison University Arboretum. Doug is an excellent photographer of our native plants and has been very generous with his slides. He has presented talks to our chapter and other plant groups. He is active with the West Virginia Master Gardener program and a native orchid group. Doug and Babetta have graced many a MAC meeting after long trips from Flatwoods. Doug planned the 1997 fall meeting in Fredericksburg which entailed additional trips east. For all your enthusiasm and continuing efforts we present the chapter's highest honor. May 16, 1998, Harrisonburg, Virginia.


Amy Brandon

It is a distinct pleasure to recognize someone who has been a member of the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society for over 30 years, longer than anyone else in our chapter. Our annual show is successful and distinctive in part because we include flower arranging and array our trusses by color. Amy Brandon founded and served for many years as chairman of the flower arranging portion of our show and has had entries every year. She also instigated displaying the show trusses by color and for many years now has stayed late on Friday night working her magic for judging on Saturday morning. For her contributions over these many years, her wonderful ideas, her unfailing smile, willingness and charm, it is with the greatest pleasure that we award the Bronze Medal to Amy Brandon. June 1998.


Howard Roberts

Elected to membership in 1979, you quickly became a participant in many activities of the chapter and Society, ultimately becoming director and president of the chapter. As president, you presided with grace and humor and found ways to involve others. As a devoted plantsman, you are hybridizing to find the elusive yellow-orange truss. You grow seedlings from your crosses and nurture them in your beautiful garden. You organized the chapter's seed exchange, and have made it a useful activity for the district and region. We salute you for these accomplishments, your leadership, and your friendship. Presented to Howard Roberts on this 4th day of April, 1998.


Ted Anderson

Your efforts have done much to increase general public awareness and interest in learning how to start and grow rhododendrons. Your uniquely informative and instructional use of a small Nearing frame to demonstrate the propagation of rhododendrons has been a major attraction at the annual Crystal Springs Mother's Day Show. For many years you have faithfully brought your plants and equipment to the chapter's rhododendron shows for this purpose. Your enthusiasm and geniality, along with your advice and help, have stimulated a wider audience to experience the pleasure of propagating and growing rhododendrons. In recognition of your distinctive and educational service, the Portland Chapter is proud to present the Bronze Medal to Ted Anderson. May 21, 1998.

Joe Jones

Your contributions to the Portland Chapter, American Rhododendron Society, will be enjoyed by its members for many years to come. Through your leadership and guidance, the financial stability of the chapter has leaped forward. You have served at both the chapter and national level as chairman of the Finance Committee and Society treasurer. You successfully guided the chapter in developing its long range investment plan. You planned and managed the budget and facilities for the 50th Anniversary Annual Convention held in Portland in 1995. Your quiet but intellectual approach helped you solve problems with apparent ease that seemed so difficult to others. With your gracious smile, you have always been willing to help. Your contributions will be felt for as long as the chapter exists. In recognition of your years of splendid service, the Portland Chapter is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to Joe Jones. May 21, 1998.


Floyd (Danny) and LaWanda Waters

The Shelton Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents the Bronze Medal Award to Floyd (Danny) and LaWanda Waters in recognition and appreciation of their many contributions to our chapter. Floyd has given us inspirational leadership as chapter president. His knowledge of hybridizing, propagation and culture of rhododendrons has benefited all members of the chapter. His creative display gardens added greatly to the beauty of our shows. Both Danny and LaWanda have repeatedly contributed to the work of our chapter and added to our pleasure as gracious hosts to their garden on the shore of Spencer Lake. May 18, 1998.


Lew and Linda Brown

You came from the Valley Forge Chapter to become charter members of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter. You constitute a team that has been among the most enthusiastic chapter promoters and participants from the very start. Your service to the chapter has been unstinting. Lew, you served as the first president of the new chapter and Linda as the first secretary. One or the other, or both of you have served as board members during the ensuing years. Lew, as current vice-president, you are again program chairman. Both of you have been (official or unofficial) members of committees too numerous to mention. In recent years, together you have arranged and conducted the annual garden tours of local gardens as well as outstanding gardens outside of our local area. Your own garden has always been open to visitors. Both of you have exhibited regularly in the chapter's annual shows. You have served in a variety of capacities in staging each of the shows to assure their success. In recognition and appreciation, the chapter is proud to present this medal, the chapter's highest award, on this 15th day of March, 1998.

Tom Schuetz

Being our faithful newsletter editor is only one of the many contributions you have made to this chapter and to the Society. You came from Valley Forge to become a charter member and the first vice-president of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter, and you then went on to be its second president and have been an active member of the board for many years. You have served on many committees through the years, including co-chairing numerous plant sales and currently the ways and means committee and participated regularly in the chapter's truss shows as an exhibitor, promoter, and committee member. You have presented numerous programs at local chapter meetings, being guest speaker at neighboring chapters and made presentations at regional conferences. You served as chapter representative to the planning committee for the Northeast Regional Conference. Because of your knowledge and familiarity with rhododendrons and azaleas, you have been frequently invited to serve as a judge at truss shows in neighboring chapters and you have always been willing to freely share that knowledge. Your concern for the welfare of the chapter and the Society have been manifest in your active promotion and participation in their activities and your efforts to enhance the membership and your willingness to take on responsibilities when no one else volunteers or someone drops the ball. In recognition and appreciation, the chapter is proud to present this medal, the chapter's highest award, on this 15th day of March, 1998.

Betty Wilson

You have served continually since joining the chapter in 1984 on the chapter's annual flower show committee, playing a variety of roles in the staging of the shows and have been a dependable and prolific promoter and exhibitor. You have served and continue to be a most effective chapter secretary, faithfully maintaining the records of the chapter and actions taken by the board of directors and the membership. As a board member, you can always be counted upon to support and promote all of the chapter's activities. You have served as a member of the Rhein Study Committee which has been charged with evaluating the Rhein hybrids, plants which are of particular interest to this chapter. You have served as a judge in neighboring chapters' flower shows, have graciously opened your own garden for tours whenever asked, and generously shared plant material and propagating knowledge with others interested in rhododendrons. In recognition and appreciation, the chapter is proud to present this medal, the chapter's highest award, on this 15th day of March, 1998.