JARS v52n3 - Gold Medal Award: A. Richard Brooks

Gold Medal Award: A. Richard Brooks

A. Richard Brooks


You have been of immense value to our Society over many years serving at all possible levels. You conceived and nourished formation of the Massachusetts Chapter, now one of the largest in the ARS. You have also given guidance to other chapters during their difficult first steps. You have been undaunted in your support of the Society at the national level serving as president and as a member on many committees.

Our Society has benefited on many occasions from your diplomatic talents in mediating delicate situations. In your quiet and determined way, you helped opposing parties work out their differences and find solutions.

You have always kept a strong focus on growth of the ARS at the national and international level by looking for opportunities to speak, write, and publish information about rhododendrons and by demonstrating how to make new members feel welcome. All those who have worked with you or were touched by your generosity, genuine friendliness, and enthusiasm, have unequivocally expressed their support to recognize you as one who has truly advanced our Society.

For your many accomplishments the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award the Gold Medal to A. Richard Brooks. Niagara, Canada, May 30, 1998.