JARS v53n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


C. Ray Doggett

The Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents to C. Ray Doggett this Bronze Medal Award in recognition of his active participation and service to the chapter over many years. Most recently Ray served as chapter president after taking over suddenly on the death of Terry Sheuchenko. Ray had previously been president of the Richmond Chapter of the Azalea Society of America and has helped arrange several joint meetings of our groups. We have enjoyed board meetings at Ray and Alice's retirement home at Gloucester Point. Ray, for all that you have done we thank you and hope that there will be much more participation and sharing in the future. With sincere appreciation of your contributions, we present you with this chapter's highest honor. November 21, 1998, Hampton, Virginia.


Bob and Merrie Goodwin

Members of the Noyo Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society present the highest award given by a chapter, the Bronze Medal, to Bob and Merrie Goodwin for the many years of dedication and hard work they have contributed to our chapter. Their expertise as individuals or as a unit working together have through the years been a great benefit to the Noyo Chapter. Their ability to present publicity is exceptional. We know that if a job needs doing a call to Bob or Merrie will accomplish this. They provide their home for meetings or out of town visitors. They help where needed on all events including garden tours, picnics, and our annual flower show as well as at our regular meetings. Between them they have served in almost all positions on the board of directors including president. For their hard work and dedication the members of the Noyo Chapter wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Bob and Merrie Goodwin. 1998.


Dick Kint

The Bronze Medal is hereby awarded to Dick Kint. It is with much pleasure and appreciation that the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society awards a Bronze Medal to a member who has contributed years of dedicated and enthusiastic service to this local chapter. He has served as chairman of our annual show and in that capacity has reached out to the community as no one else has to encourage participation and involvement. Each year on entry day he personally makes the rounds of gardens in the area and brings in trusses by the carload. There is no doubt that without Dick Kint's dedicated mentoring and encouragement our annual show would not be as wonderful as it has become. From the early days to the present he has been there for the hard work and not the glory and so it is with this Bronze Medal that we wish to honor his devotion to our chapter's annual show and his ardent support of the genus Rhododendron .


John T. Meagher

Your passion for the genus Rhododendron - both hybrids and species - has been a source of inspiration for everyone in RSC Atlantic Region Chapter. Your continuing dedication to this chapter from the early days of its formation has benefited all of our members. Your attendance at every meeting gives the chapter a sense of continuity and commitment. Your contributions to every Spring Show and Main Truss Show have enhanced their successes and given great beauty and pleasure to members and the public. The popularity of our genus has increased with your many donations of plants grown from cuttings and seed; these then donated to so many public places around Halifax. Many hours you have spent driving to and from the Rhododendron Foundation to clear, dig, slog and plant. Members are fortunate and breeders as well, as you have grown their seed and crosses with diligence, patience, caring and expertise and then given them back to members as door prizes at meetings and sales. When technical problems arose you quietly disappeared only to return shortly with a brilliant solution. Your garden is a source of pleasure and amazement to all. Atlantic Chapter is proud to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to a most cherished member, John T. Meagher. 1 December 1998.


Gladys Bones

Gladys Bones was presented with the ARS Bronze Medal for her enthusiastic service to our organization. For years Gladys has been the chapter's librarian, has volunteered her assistance to many club activities, work parties and other tasks, and has actively participated in the ARS Regional Conference. A quick wit, a friendly smile and a robust laugh have endeared her with every member of our group. It has been our great pleasure to show this token of friendship and respect for a true and faithful friend. December 1998.