JARS v53n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Hanna Kennedy

The New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents its Bronze Medal to Hanna Kennedy in recognition of her expertise as a gracious host of many of our chapter luncheons and meeting refreshments throughout many years and her many contributions as both a board member and recording secretary. June 5, 1998.

Richard and Elizabeth Becker

The New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents its Bronze Medal to Richard and Elizabeth Becker in recognition of their spirit of voluntarism and chairing of many of our flower shows, their enthusiasm and friendliness at all our meetings, propagation seminars and their invaluable support at our Annual Convention. June 5, 1998.


Pauline and Richard Bonney

In June, at the annual B-B-Q, the North Island Rhododendron Society presented two of its dedicated, long-time members, Pauline and Richard Bonney, with the Bronze Medal, the chapter's highest award. Pauline and Richard have been terrific supporters of the society, always willing to do more than their share to help support chapter activities, such as plant sales, truss shows, garden tours, and B-B-Q's. Their citation reads: Your dedication to the society has not gone unnoticed. Your willingness to serve is much appreciated.


Warren Berg

Whose garden is a source of inspiration and pleasure to all who walk its paths? Who among us hybridizes, researches, and promotes the genus Rhododendron ? Whose guidance, encouragement, and affiliations have greatly benefited this chapter? Who has served in so many capacities to make the Olympic Peninsula Chapter a success? Who can we thank for 'Ginny Gee', 'Queen Bee', 'Patty Bee', and 'June Bee'? It can be no other than our very own Warren Berg. We are grateful for your undaunted and tireless support these many years. Though you have been honored nationally and internationally it is now our chapter's belated turn to bestow upon you its highest honor. Let this award reflect our appreciation to you for sharing your knowledge, your wisdom, your time, and your rhododendrons with the members of this chapter. May it also reflect our genuine gratitude for your friendship and mentoring. With this Bronze Medal we honor your dedication. Thank you, Warren Berg.


Gifford Robb

You have successfully guided the Peace Arch Rhododendron Society since its birth in 1993, serving as president and vice-president. During that time you have also undertaken the heavy task of newsletter editor, keeping the membership informed of the activities of this chapter and other groups, and seeking out articles of interest. All of this you continue to do. You guide and assist and are a continuous source of information to new executives and members, thereby maintaining high standards within the chapter. You have been involved in every aspect of the chapter's activities and have unselfishly given of your time and energy during the crucial start-up years to create a lively and enthusiastic association. It is with great appreciation that Peace Arch Rhododendron Society presents its first Bronze Medal to you, its most deserving member, Gifford Robb. February 1999.


Ted Van Veen

The Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society recognizes a most extraordinary man. For the first time in this chapter's history we are awarding the Bronze medal for the second time to the same individual. He has served our chapter as its president and since 1987 as the chairman of Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. The ARS has awarded him the Gold Medal. He is a uniquely dedicated man. His friendly, knowledgeable leadership, and above all, his sharing and generosity is unsurpassed. He is a friend to all, and is a legend in the rhododendron world. He is a man of immense but gentle strength. And, now, under your tenacious leadership, the new entrance gateway and accessible path to the Highbridge has been completed. In acknowledgment of everything you are, the Portland Chapter is proud to award a second Bronze Medal to Ted Van Veen. May 20, 1999.


Thomas Hughes

The Tennessee Valley Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present to Thomas Hughes the Bronze Medal for his many years of outstanding service. His dedication to the chapter as newsletter editor has rewarded the members with countless hours of inspiration and education on the genus Rhododendron and many companion species. Each month, members look forward to reading of a new insight into the genus or perhaps an anecdote direct from his own garden. As a founding member of the Tennessee Valley Chapter, Tom's wise and sustaining influence has contributed greatly to the success of the chapter. Though his regular meeting attendance was curtailed by family health concerns, his creative influence through the newsletter, E-mail, the Web, and long-distance conversations, faithfully assisted chapter officers and members. It is our pleasure to recognize Thomas Hughes and give him our grateful thanks.


Alleyne Cook

The Vancouver Rhododendron Society is honored to present the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Alleyne Cook, one of our founding members, in appreciation and recognition of his sharing of his knowledge of the genus Rhododendron . We are grateful to him for his preservation of the Greig Rhododendron Collection that has been designated as a special garden in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada. [The award was made in 1989 but not published in the Journal at that time.]