JARS v53n3 - Gold Medal Award: Alleyne Cook

Gold Medal Award: Alleyne Cook

Alleyne Cook
Alleyne Cook

From your native New Zealand, to the great rhododendron gardens of England, to your home in Vancouver, British Columbia, your contributions to the cultivation and preservation of rhododendrons have been enormous. You have essentially created three of the four heritage rhododendron collections in British Columbia, and contributed significantly to the fourth. You have set an example as a working gardener, written erudite articles, and lectured widely. Your presence at Vancouver Rhododendron Society meetings and exchange of ideas with other members have been invaluable to the Society's vitality. You are a mentor, a guru even, to many serious gardeners - apprentices in Stanley Park, ARS members, and anyone else with a question, however elementary.

For your exceptional service, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to award the Gold Medal to Alleyne Cook. May 1, 1999, Bellevue, Washington.