JARS v53n3 - Silver Medal Award: John G. Lofthouse

Silver Medal Award: John G. Lofthouse

John G. Lofthouse
John G. Lofthouse


In the exciting world of rhododendron hybridizing, you have dared to be different. The genes in your crosses are now appearing in new hybrids made and registered by others.

You have willingly shared your propagating and selective crossing knowledge through articles in the ARS Journal, the Slide Library, lectures, and participation in the Hybridizers Round Table sessions. You were even recognized by the Smithsonian Institution in one of their publications. Your efforts have encouraged new enthusiasts to follow in your footsteps.

You have received international recognition for your plant contributions to private and public collections in England, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, and North America. Now that many of your crosses are in tissue culture, these unusual plants are more widely available to collectors.

For your valuable contributions, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to award the Silver Medal to John G. Lofthouse. May 1, 1999, Bellevue, Washington.