JARS v55n3 - In Memoriam: Jerry L. Fickes

In Memoriam: Jerry L. Fickes
Bob George
Sammamish, WA

Jerry will be missed by all who came in contact with this fine and gentle man. His passing occurred on May 21, 2001, at his home in Bonny Doon, California, after an extended illness.

Jerry became a member of the California Chapter in 1970 , and soon became an associate member of the Monterey Bay, De Anza, Noyo and Eureka chapters. Not content just being a member, Jerry used his leadership skills and served as vice president and president of the Monterey Bay Chapter. For his continued dedication to the genus Rhododendron and to his chapter, Jerry was awarded the chapter's Bronze Medal. In addition, in 1999 Jerry undertook the responsibility of serving as District 5 Director, representing all the chapters in District 5 (California, De Anza, Eureka, Hawaii, Monterey Bay, Noyo and Southern California). In his spare time, Jerry was involved with the Rhododendron Species Foundation. He and his wife, Laurie, helped in identifying and cataloging pictures and slide material from the RSF's vast collection. Not to be held to only one plant of interest, Jerry became a collector of heather and a member of the American Heather Society. During all this activity, he also found time to collect and plant a vast assortment of rhododendrons and heather in his own garden in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The above describes the life of a man in terms of what he loved, and how he served and expressed that passion. This outline describes but part of what Jerry did in the world of rhododendrons and in the world around him, a small glimpse into the character of the man. Jerry L. Fickes was a good friend and a good person. He will be sorely missed.

Submitted by Bob George on behalf of Jerry's many friends and fellow rhododendron lovers, his wife Laurie, and his family.