JARS v55n3 - Citation for Service: Edmund de Rothschild

Citation for Service: Edmund de Rothschild

Citation for service presentation for
Lionel de Rothschild
Edmund de Rothschild, right, accepted the Pioneer Achievement Award
from ARS President Lynn Watts, left, given posthumously to his father,
Lionel de Rothschild. He then accepted his own award, the Citation for Service.


After serving your country with valor during World War II, you returned to your home community to restore the famous gardens established by your late father, Lionel de Rothschild, at Exbury after they had been sequestered to serve England's war needs. Since that time you have re-developed the gardens, attracting rhododendron enthusiasts and garden lovers from around the world and built a nursery of shrubs including rhododendrons and azaleas and promoted the distribution of these fine plants into the world's gardens. In appreciation for your many services to the horticultural world, the American Rhododendron Society presents this Citation for Service, in Eugene, Oregon, this 28th day of April, 2001.