JARS v62n3 - Silver Medal: Marc Colombel

Silver Medal: Marc Colombel

Frank Fujioka, Marc Colombel and 
Mike Stewart
Frank Fujioka, Marc Colombel and Mike Stewart.

Your efforts "to educate" and "to promote" the genus Rhododendron are widely recognized by your peers and support major goals in the American Rhododendron Society’s mission statement. You initiated enthusiasm for rhododendrons in France by founding the Société Brettone du Rhododendron in 1993. Through your creative and energetic leadership the Société now has more than 160 members involved in many impressive activities.

By authoring and publishing a book, writing ARS Journal articles and creating and maintaining an internet Web page in both French and English, you have provided valuable rhododendron education internationally. You willingly volunteered to put the ARS Seed Exchange catalogue on the internet to facilitate the acquisition and distribution of rhododendron seed worldwide.

For your exceptional service and accomplishments, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to award the Silver Medal to Marc Colombel. 2008. Edinburgh, Scotland.