JARS v63n3 - Silver Medal: Jean & Norman Beaudry

Silver Medal: Jean & Norman Beaudry

Jean and Norman Beaudry
Jean and Norman Beaudry

You are consummate American Rhododendron Society members. You have been active members since 1975, serving the Society and its Chapters in your quiet, unassuming way. You have served in both official and behind-the-scenes capacities. You do it all, big and small, but most of all you share your expertise generously.

Your 20-year work with the Sandwich Club to identify, propagate and distribute the Dexter and Cowles hybrids is unparalleled. Your database of some 1400 of these plants with data from 1967 is an invaluable tool for future generations interested in these significant East Coast rhododendrons.

In appreciation of your passions for the genus Rhododendron and the American Rhododendron Society and your generous and enthusiastic support of both, the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Silver Medal to Jean and Norman Beaudry. May 2, 2009 Everett, Washington.