JARS v63n3 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal: Brenda Macdonald
You have been a generous contributor to our society as well as a member of our executive for many years. You expanded your knowledge of the genus Rhododendron through seminars held at the RSF. This led you on two trips to China. Through your photographs and commentaries the rest of our society were able to share some of your adventures and experiences. You volunteered for a very large challenge a number of years ago with enthusiasm and unending energy. In the process you have created an exceptional newsletter for our society. For your outstanding contributions, as editor of The Yak, the Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a chapter of the ARS, is honored to bestow our highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Brenda Macdonald, 2008.

Bronze Medal: Bruce Feller
The New York Chapter is pleased to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Bruce Feller in recognition of his more than 20 years of service to the New York Chapter. During this time Bruce has served as a board member, vice president, president, co-chair of our flower shows and co-chair of our annual dinner. He has been Alternate Director and Director of District 7 for 8 years, and has now been nominated to be Eastern Vice-President of the ARS Additionally, Bruce is co-chairman of the convention committee to organize and run the 2010 ARS Annual Convention to be held on Long Island. Bruce has welcomed chapter members and many others to his showcase garden, which features an outstanding collection of rhododendrons as well as a broad selection of other plants, all of which are very well sited and grown.

Bronze Medal: Marianne Feller
The New York Chapter is pleased to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Marianne Feller in recognition of her more than 20 years of service to the New York Chapter. During this time Marianne has served as board member, co-chair and chief clerk of our flower shows, and co-chair of our annual dinner. She has also served as membership chair, registrar for the 2001 Eastern Regional Meeting that the chapter hosted, is co-chair and registrar for the 2010 ARS Annual Convention. Marianne has been hostess to our chapter members and many others who have visited her home and showcase garden for many years.

Bronze Medal: George Woodard
The New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society proudly presents its Bronze Medal to George Woodard in recognition of his years of service to the New York Chapter, including, but not limited to: serving as tour director during the 1992 convention on Long Island; his work for many years in setting up the Annual Plant Sale; and serving as guest speaker at many chapter meetings. We also recognize his work as a hybridizer of rhododendrons in bringing the colors and superior truss sizes of the West and combining them with the hardiness of the Eastern Hybrids.

Bronze Medal: Dale and Maybelle Rohrbaugh
Dale and Maybelle, both of you joined the Susquehanna Valley Chapter as charter members in 1981, and have been active in the chapter for 28 years. Each of you has served on the board of directors and Maybelle has served as treasurer and Dale as membership chairman. You have been dependable and enthusiastic promoters of the chapter and have opened your beautiful gardens to chapter members for tours, as well as to many community garden clubs. At your home you have hosted board meetings and pre-meeting barbecues which board members would have attended just for a slice of Maybelle's peach pie. Both of you have participated in chapter meetings, auctions, and many other events over the years. Both of you have helped make the chapter's presence at the York Flower Show possible by many times staffing our booth, and you have enhanced our flower show by being regular exhibitors. In recognition and appreciation, the chapter is proud to present these medals, the chapter's highest award, on this fourteenth day of March, Two Thousand and Nine.