JARS v63n3 - Silver Medal: Harry R. Wright

Silver Medal: Harry R. Wright

Harry R. Wright
Harry R. Wright

For over two decades, you have been an ambassador for the genus Rhododendron and an avid promoter of membership and participation in the American Rhododendron Society. As founding member of the North Island Rhododendron Society, you have worked tirelessly as President and Director throughout the Chapter's history. You have been instrumental in the development of both your own "Haida Gold Gardens" with your wife Gwen, and the public "Comox Valley Rhododendron Garden," providing enjoyment to countless citizens and visitors. As a speaker, teacher, writer, propagator and hybridizer, you have ensured that rhododendrons maintain a high profile. As Director of District 1, your support of individual Chapters and encouragement of interactive sharing has emphasized both education and fellowship You are in inspiration to all members of the American Rhododendron Society.

For your outstanding service, the American Rhododendron Society is proud to award the Silver Medal to Harry R. Wright. Everett, Washington. May 2, 2009.