JARS v63n4 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal: Georges and Elaine Aubes
Today, April 19, 2009, we award the Cape Cod Chapter's highest honor, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society. This award is in recognition of exceptional service and contribution to the Chapter.

It is a deep honor this year to award a Bronze Medal to an exemplary couple. Together you have worked tirelessly for the chapter for many years - most often behind the scenes. If you weren't setting up for meetings in the midst of snowstorms or working evenings on the Nominations Committee, you were working on the weekend at the spring plant sales or at the display garden.

Nothing seemed too small or too large for you to tackle as evidenced by your continual volunteering to manage such things as equipment inventory or by attending the Executive Board meetings just to help out and provide input.

When the chapter needed someone to distribute plant sale posters or to pitch in to help the Annual Luncheon run smoother or to do the countless other activities you undertook - there you were!

Georges and Elaine, for your countless hours and unflagging efforts on behalf of the Cape Cod Chapter, I am delighted to present you with its highest award, the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society. You are an inspiration to us all! Thank You.

Bronze Medal: Joel Blair
It is a deep honor this year to award a Bronze Medal to a longtime dedicated member of the chapter. This long overdue award goes to Joel Blair.

Well over a decade ago you began to serve the chapter, at first by befriending new members such as myself and making them feel at home at chapter meetings. During that time you could not resist serving on various committees, helping out with activities such as the plant sales and the display gardens or being on the Executive Board.

By 1989, you were assistant treasurer. From there you went on in 1991-1993 to contribute as chapter vice president. Finally, during 1993-1995 you served the chapter as its president. Thereafter you continued to serve the chapter in numerous ways. When you sold your house you donated your rhododendron collection to the chapter to raise funds.

You have remained a chapter member throughout this period - gently influencing those around you with your example of unselfish service. You are an inspiration to us all!

Bronze Medal: Jack Olson
At the Early Show Dinner on April 11, 2009, the Eugene Chapter presented Jack Olson with a Bronze Medal, as its highest commendation for the numerous contributions he has made to the chapter throughout his membership. Over the years, Jack has served as chapter president for three terms, served on the chapter board of directors for additional terms, has helped organize an Annual ARS Convention in Eugene three times, and has presented numerous programs for both the Eugene Chapter and other ARS chapters as well as other garden groups within the community.

With his wife, Sandie, Jack has hosted a number of picnics at his lovely rural garden that are enjoyed by all, and, together, they have often been responsible for the decorations at our Christmas dinner program. Throughout his long membership, Jack has loved the spring flower shows entering large numbers of trusses in both the Eugene shows and those of other chapters within District 4 as well as serving as a respected judge throughout the district.

In his large greenhouse, Jack propagates many rhododendrons and is always generous in donating plants for door prizes and for new members. Also, he has hybridized, named, and registered a number of new plants.

Though he is always there to help with our activities, perhaps, his greatest contribution to our organization is his enthusiasm for both the genus Rhododendron and the world of gardening. I don't think Jack has ever met a plant he did not like.

Bronze Medal: Dennis Stallone
The New York Chapter is pleased to award the Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society to Dennis Stallone in recognition of his years of service to the Chapter.

Dennis has been a member of the Board of Directors for many years. Additionally, he took on the position of treasurer of our chapter and has been and still is serving in that position.

In this role, he has given selflessly of his time and expertise in managing the monies of the chapter in a manner that has kept us financially stable. This has given our chapter the wherewithal to be able to forward the goals of the society through educational programs and social activities that have made our chapter a vibrant and active organization.

We are honoring him today with this Bronze award for his many years of unsung service.

Bronze Medal: Anne Gross
The Willamette Chapter, in Salem, Oregon is pleased to present the Bronze Medal, the chapter's highest honor, to Anne Gross for her leadership as our past chapter president and present nominating committee chairperson. For Anne's contribution to the Smith Garden as part of the work party and for serving on the board of directors. Also for her willingness to share plants and her vast knowledge and for promoting interest in the society as well as the genus Rhododendron and for her generous gift of time in ARS projects and offices.

In recognition for her many contributions to the Willamette Chapter and the ARS we presented this Bronze Medal to Anne Gross on May 13, 2009.