The Journal of Functional and Logic Programming

Volume 1997

Published by The MIT Press. Copyright 1997 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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There are seven article in this volume.


None in this volume.


You can find the material that was published in 1997 also on the ftp-server of The MIT Press (access may be faster, depending on your location).



Numerous people have contributed in some way to this volume of JFLP. The editors (members of the Editorial and Executive Board) of JFLP as well as the people of The MIT Press worked on the production of this volume in too many ways to enumerate them here.

Michael J. O'Donnell was an irreplaceable help, not only by providing cjstruct, but also by giving important advice; he also provided some of the WWWeb material used in these pages. Martin Simons provided important TeXnical advice.

The Computer Science Department of the Technical University Berlin kindly provides the Web space for JFLP.

The technical credit is given separately.


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