JMSEC Volume 6 Number 3 - Table of Contents

Volume 6, Number 3

The print edition of Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation, and Control includes a 4-page summary of each of the following full length articles. Each summary lists a retrieval number for the full article; this number is noted before the title.


(26600) Robust H Control of Uncertain Systems with Structured Uncertainty
Andrey V. Savkin, Ian R. Petersen PDF PostScript

(12491) An Information-State Approach to Risk-Sensitive Tracking Problems
Iain B. Collings, Matthew R. James, John B. Moore PDF PostScript

(79229) Transcendence in Simultaneous Stabilization
Daniel Bertilsson, Vincent Blondel PDF PostScript

(01844) Zeros of Discrete-Time Spectral Factors, and the Interal Part of a Markovian Splitting Subspace
Jan-Åke Sand PDF PostScript

(56854) On Fixed Gain Recursive Estimation Processes
László Gerenesér PDF PostScript

(11653) Robust Sliding Mode Control Using Measured Outputs
Herbertt Sira-Ramírez, Sarah K. Spurgeon PDF PostScript

(18283) Receding Horizon Control for the Stabilization of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Described by Differential Inclusions
Éva Gyurkovics PDF PostScript

(34649) Disturbance Decoupling Via Differential Forms
Viswanath Ramakrishna PDF PostScript