1. CeCe Iandoli-Not a Millennium Gimmick

It began a bit more than two years ago. It was time, members of the Epsilon Pi Tau board of directors were advised, to develop a succession plan for the organization's key leadership positions. The board agreed that was a wise thing to do and they dealt with the Editor of Publications position first. This writer, who happens to have been the incumbent in that position, welcomed the decision and accepted the assignment to implement the search for a successor. Clearly, it is a coincidence of timing and events that the process yielded a new leader who has already played a key role in producing the last-of-the-millennium issue and will completely produce the first-of-the-millennium issue and, hopefully, a long series of journal issues thereafter.

But the welcome goes far beyond that. For one thing, the new cover of this issue previews the kind of response the board sought. It is not for the sake of change itself, but has behind it thoughtful consideration for change that represents a meaningful response to the nature of our members and subscribers throughout the world, and the changes in the media devices by which we can and will reach and serve them. We sought, and truly believe, that we have engaged an editor who will go beyond the creation of an attractive cover, although that accomplishment deserves recognition on its own merits, but will endeavor to, and succeed in providing, journal content that will truly be respond to the needs of the practicing professionals and students in the disciplines and professions in technology. The journal will become an ever stronger forum and vehicle for sharing and exchanging of ideas, research results, information about theory and practice, opinion, constructive criticism, and cutting edge developments-all helpful to the development and advancement of individuals and the constituent professional organizations that Epsilon Pi Tau and its members participate in and support.

So, after this issue, readers should expect the interior organization of the journal to receive thoughtful and purposeful redesign. Very likely, it will maintain and surpass the quality and excellence that has been a hallmark target of past journals and that you will welcome the new formats. But you need to know more about our successor who up to now has been introduced by name only. So, in telling you a bit more about her, the other aspects of her new responsibilities as Editor of Publications will also be called out. To do this we use material from the 1999 Epsilon Pi Tau newsletter, "Quote-Unquote."

Dr. CeCe Iandoli is the Honorary's new Editor of Publications. She succeeds Dr. Jerry Streichler who has served in that position since 1976. The Editor of Publications is responsible for the organization's mass communications, including The Journal of Technology Studies, monographs, newsletters, website, and any others means that respond to the needs of the organization and its members.

Following an extensive review and clarification process about the Board's position notice that appeared in the journal's Winter/Spring 1998 issue, Iandoli was invited to meet with the Board during its spring meeting in Indianapolis. There, after an intensive and far-ranging interview, the Board extended the position to her. In making the appointment, the Board has left it up to Streichler and Iandoli, who prefers to be known as CeCe, to arrange the transition. At this writing, it appears that the first journal of the year 2000 will represent the completion of the transition. However, Dr. Iandoli will report to Streichler who will continue as the Honorary's Executive Director.

All concerned were delighted that Iandoli had shown an interest in the position, that she applied for it, and that the Board saw fit to move forward with the appointment. Her creative bent, which has been nurtured and matured in her position as Associate Professor in the Department of Design and Industry at San Francisco State University, combine well with a Harvard degree and post-doctoral work at both Stanford and Berkeley. She is an independent thinker who will definitely put her unique imprint upon the journal and other EPT publications.

Members may look forward to new and creative looks to all Epsilon Pi Tau publications and a much expanded and interactive website. Iandoli will produce meaningful and useful publications that will serve the increasingly diverse membership whose interests span all of the professions in technology in the United States and abroad.

I close with a public declaration of best wishes for Dr. Iandoli's success in a challenging venture. I know that she has a great group of reviewers who have demonstrated high expectations for quality and excellence as well as considerable breadth of knowledge of the various professions we serve. With their continued service, Iandoli will succeed in meeting the challenges of, of all things, the new millennium. JS

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