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Volume XXV, Number 2, Summer/Fall 1999

Table of Contents

From the Editors
CeCe Iandoli—Not a Millennium Gimmick
Jerry Streichler
hi . . . from CeCe
CeCe Iandoli

Guest Editarticle
Leadership: Myth or Reality
James G. Edwards

The Symbiotic Relationship of Science and Technology in the 21st Century
A. Emerson Wiens
The National Association of Industrial Technology: Origins and Leadership for the Future
Shawn Strong, Michail Kassapoglou, John Dugger, and Alvin Rudisill
Models of Curriculum Integration
Franzie L. Loepp
Design and Technology Yields a New Paradigm for Elementary Schooling
Ronald Todd
Standards Development as Part of the Technology for all Americans Project
William E. Dugger, Jr.

doi: 10.21061/jots.v25i2.a.9
Greening the Technological Curriculum: A Model for Environmental Literacy
Nancy W. Coppola
The Graphic Communication Curriculum for the Next Millennium
Anthony Faiola

1. Rethinking the Issues of International Technology Transfer
by Ochieng Fred Walumbwa

2. Evolving Models of Technology Teacher Preparation
by William D. Paige

3. A Collaborative Approach for Redefining a Program
by Brenda L. Wey and Mark Estepp

4. Anticipating Rescue 9-1-1 in a Mobile Wireless Society
by Tim Obermier

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