JOTS v26n2 - Call for Manuscripts

Volume 26, Number 2
Summer/Fall 2000

Call for Manuscripts

We are especially interested in receiving manuscripts which grapple with delivering excellence in technolology education and training, as well as opinion pieces from professionals immersed in technology-based industries.

We're adding a new component to the Journal , called "Industry Insiders." We seek articles written by people in industry-which focus on the everyday dilemmas of a life engaged in technology. We also welcome opinion pieces focused on what you foresee as emerging trends in technology. And we also want to publish articles or essays centered on the management issues which typify today's techno-literate workforce.

We welcome articles which are readable, nonjargonistic. When technological terminology is used, it is defined simply.

We also solicit manuscripts that center on these topics:

  • Are we producing web factories or technologically literate people?
  • Examining The Digital Divide
  • Gendered analyses of classroom events in schools and industry
  • Trendwatch: What's next in technology?
  • What MIT's Media Lab is teaching us about technological literacy
  • Integrating creativity into the technology education curriculum
  • Exploring the reversals
  • Managing today's technologists

Please send an abstract or queries to or call 419.372.2425.

Author's guidelines available via .

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