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Volume XXVI, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2000

Table of Contents

Guest Editarticle
Lessons From Star Trek: Examining the Social Values Embedded in Technological Programs
John W. Hansen

Editor's Pages

Call for Manuscripts

Epsilon Pi Tau Matters in Enriching Professional and Personal Lives
Jerry Streichler, Contributing Editor
Training for Tomorrow
CeCe Iandoli, Editor

Using Portfolios to Enhance Creative Thinking
Moshe Barak and Yaron Doppelt
Perspectives From a New Department Chair
Jack W. Wescott
Making Total Quality Management + Just-in-Time Manufacturing Work
Phillip S. Waldrop and Thomas E. Scott
The Strategic Thinking of Novice Designers: Discontinuity Between Theory and Practice
Malcolm Welch and Hee Sook Lim
One University's Approach to an Outcome-Based Teacher Education Program
Robert A. Raudebaugh
Pedagogy vs. Andragogy: A False Dichotomy?
Geraldine Holmes and Michele Abington-Cooper
Cost-Effective CNC Part Program Verification Development for Laboratory Instruction
Ted C. Chang and Joseph C. Chen

On-Line and In-Print: A Possible Future for Epsilon Pi Tau Publications

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