JOTS v26n2 - On-Line and In-Print: A Possible Future for Epsilon Pi Tau Publications

Volume 26, Number 2
Summer/Fall 2000

On-Line and In-Print: A Possible Future for Epsilon Pi Tau Publications

Readers, please share your views on the following by writing to the Editor or sending an email message. Use addresses on the inside front cover of this publication. Thank you in advance. JS

This note is prompted by our belief that the following possibilities will allow us to capitalize on technology to provide improved services to members and subscribers.

We contemplate that beginning with The Journal of Technology Studies volume XXVII for 2001, all materials will be published electronically and be available to readers and subscribers on one or more websites.

In doing this, authors will be better served as they will be able to submit articles electronically and have their materials reviewed and edited using that vehicle. Although we will begin with the equivalent of two issues for the volume year as has been the case over the preceding years, we will monitor the new system with a view toward increasing the number of issues per volume year.

As a transitional device: at the end of the volume year, when the two (or more) numbers of the 2001 volume are complete and on line, we will supply to all active members and subscribers a printed volume containing all the materials published for that year. The efficacy of this printed volume will be evaluated and its continuance will depend upon member and subscriber reaction.

Our vision for other Epsilon Pi Tau publications that serve members is closely connected to the contemplated change in The Journal of Technology Studies . The current Quote-Unquote periodic newsletter is the Epsilon Pi Tau publication of record. The type of information that is currently provided will continue. But we are contemplating expanding the newsletter into a magazine format and hope to provide it in two or more issues each calendar year. We hope to include articles and items of interest to our diverse membership, information that will not only be informative, but will enhance the professional development of our student and practitioner members.

We close by repeating our invitation for your comments.

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