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Volume XXVI, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Guest Editarticle

Lessons From Star Trek: Examining the Social Values Embedded in Technological Programs
John W. Hansen [52 KB]

Editor's Pages

Call for Manuscripts [22 KB]

Epsilon Pi Tau Matters in Enriching Professional and Personal Lives
Jerry Streichler, Contributing Editor [35 KB]

Training for Tomorrow
Ce Ce Iandoli, Editor [11 KB]


Using Portfolios to Enhance Creative Thinking
Moshe Barak and Yaron Doppelt [304 KB]

Perspectives From a New Department Chair
Jack W. Wescott [30 KB]

Making Total Quality Management + Just-in-Time Manufacturing Work
Phillip S. Waldrop and Thomas E. Scott [34 KB]

The Strategic Thinking of Novice Designers: Discontinuity Between Theory and Practice
Malcolm Welch and Hee Sook Lim [78 KB]

One University's Approach to an Outcome-Based Teacher Education Program
Robert A. Raudebaugh [35 KB]

Pedagogy vs. Andragogy: A False Dichotomy?
Geraldine Holmes and Michele Abington-Cooper [42 KB]

Cost-Effective CNC Part Program Verification Development for Laboratory Instruction
Ted C. Chang and Joseph C. Chen [64 KB]

On-Line and In-Print: A Possible Future for Epsilon Pi Tau Publications [22 KB]