JOTS v27n2 - Table of Contents

Volume XXVII, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2001

Table of Contents

Gender Disparity in Third World Technological, Social, and Economic Development
Anthony I. Akubue
Alternative Routes to Certification of Technology Education Teachers
Marie Hoepfl
A Kaizen Based Approach for Cellular Manufacturing System Design: A Case Study
Joseph C. Chen, John Dugger, and Bob Hammer
Software to Simulate and Optimize Asset Management in Constuction and Manufacturing
M.D. Salim and Marc. A. Timmerman
Developing Critical Thinking Skills of Tech Prep Students Using Applied Communications
Don R. Gelven and Bob R. Stewart

Delivering "Legal Aspects of Industry" on the Internet (Experiential Account and Observation)
Ronald C. Woolsey and John Sutton
The New "Living Technology" Curriculum in Taiwan's Elementary Schools
(Chia-Sen) Jimmy Huang and Yen-Shun Wei
Computer Use Profiles of 1,300 Award-Winning Educators
Betty J. Young

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