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Machinations from the Editor

Although 'machinations' sounds menacing, I like its secondary meaning a lot: an artful design intended to accomplish something. In this case the production staff, proofreader, and art directors just spent the last few months self-consciously constructing the next revision of the journal. Our goals were to incorporate more air & light, to imagine more pleasure for you as you read, and to offer a theoretical panorama which keeps you up-to-date on the trends in constructing, evaluating, and re-thinking technology studies as a theory and as a practice, often in the classroom, sometimes the industrial laboratory , or at the desks of technologists and designers.

In this issue, we feature ideas of people from around the world, notably, France, Finland, England, the United States and the Netherlands. What emerges as I read about our practices in technology studies is the ascendance of distance education; the value of alternative assessment strategies (for example, portfolios); the value of technology's emphasis on the hands/mind connection, especially for students usually marginalized in word-based classes.

And we offer two thoughtful essays about the implications for transferring technology into cultures when the people within that culture are indifferent to its ultimate usefulness. Another philosophical essay asks us to revisit the works of two theorists who have rocked our psychological and educational worlds: Piaget & Vigotsky.

As I continue to talk with you about technological issues that will genuinely affect the tempo & grace of our lives, please let me know two things (1) tell me when an article hits the mark and (2) offer me clues about what else you'd like to see happen here. Also, our web site is truly under construction, before we go live, let me know what you wish we'd make available to you online. I'd be delighted to hear from you: .

Ce Ce Iandoli, Editor

p.s. special thanks to Tim & Briar & Amy who rushed.

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