JOTS v26n1 - Table of Contents

Volume XXVI, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2000

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor
Machinations from the Editor
Ce Ce Iandol

Revisiting Piaget and Vigotsky: In Search of a Learning Model for Technology Education
Pierre Vérillon
Web-Based Portfolios for Technology Education: A Personal Case Study
Mark E. Sanders
Current Trends in Technology Education in Finland
Ari Alamäki
Scientific Visualization for Secondary and Post-Secondary Education
Aaron C. Clark and Eric N. Wiebe
Appropriate Technology for Socioeconomic Development in Third World Countries
Anthony Akubue
What Happens to Industrial Technology Alumni? A Comparative Look at Two Universities' Graduates
William Brauer
At-Risk Students and Technology Education: A Qualitative Study
Phillip L. Cardon
Comparing the Success of Students Enrolled in Distance Education Courses vs. Face to Face Classrooms
Michael K. Swan and Diane H. Jackman
Industrial Research and Development Labs and How They Inform Science and Technology Curricula
Marc J. deVries
A Critical Appraisal of Learning Technology Using Information and Communication Technologies
George Shield

The Paul T. Hiser Award, l998-l999
A. Emerson Wiens, 1999
Paul Black, 1998
Paul W. DeVore, 1998

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