JOTS v27n1 - Table of Contents

Volume XXVII, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2001

Table of Contents

Editor Gives Journal a Boost and Leaves Prematurely
Jerry Streichler, Editor

Technology Curriculum Organizers That Could Make a Difference
Ernest N. Savage
The Process and Curriculum of Techonology Transfer
Xueshu Song and Radha Balamuralikrishna
How Nontraditional Bachelor of Science Degree Technology Students Perceive Distance Learning
Dale E. Thompson, Betsy Orr and Cecelia Thompson
Learning Styles: Teaching Technology Subjects Can Be More Effective
Ronald I. Sutliff and Virginia Baldwin
Technology Education's Role in the New National Science Standards
Gerald G. Lovedahl
Cognitive Science Concepts and Technology Teacher Education
Dan Brown

The Crucial Role of Local Number Portability in Today's Telecommunications Industry
Tim Obermier
Focus on Communication and Collaboration: Suggestions for Implementing Change in the 21st Century
Charles Linnell
Foster Self-Directed Team Members
Robert T. Howell
Enriching the Undergraduate Experience Through a Technology Learning Community
Stephen A. Freeman, Dennis W. Field and Michael J. Dyrenfurth
Some Essentials of Diversity in the Workplace
Robin Williams

The 2000 Paul T. Hiser Award
Mark Sanders

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