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Volume XXXV, Number 2, Winter 2009

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Examining African American and Caucasian Interaction Patterns Within Computer-Mediated Communication Environments
Al Bellamy and M. C. Greenfield PDF [579 KB] HTML [61 KB]
Active Learning Through Toy Design and Development
Arif Sirinterlikci, Linda Zane, and Aleea L. Sirinterlikci PDF [1.8 MB] HTML [42 KB]
Proposed Model for a Streamlined, Cohesive, and Optimized K-12 STEM Curriculum with a Focus on Engineering
Edward Locke PDF [451 KB] HTML [57 KB]
Green Printing: Colorimetric and Densitometric Analysis of Solvent-based and Vegetable Oil-based Inks of Multicolor Offset Printing
H. Naik Dharavath and Dr. Kim Hahn PDF [369 KB] HTML [49 KB]
Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Industrial Design Education
Kenneth R. Phillips, Michael A. De Miranda, and Jinseup “Ted” Shin PDF [219 KB] HTML [42 KB]
Epistemological Beliefs of Engineering Students
Bethany A. King and Susan Magun-Jackson PDF [158 KB] HTML [38 KB]
Course Modules on Structural Health Monitoring with Smart Materials
Hui-Ru Shih, Wilbur L. Walters, Wei Zheng, and Jessica Everett PDF [345 KB] HTML [36 KB]

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