JOTS v42n1 - Table of Contents

Volume XLII, Number 1, Spring 2016

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A Critical Meta-Analysis of Mobile Learning Research in Higher Education
Hasan Al Zahrani and Kumar Laxman PDF [725 KB] HTML [98 KB]
An Assessment of the Use of Social Media in the Industrial Distribution Business-to-Business Market Sector
Rod L. Flanigan and Timothy R. Obermier PDF [278 KB] HTML [52 KB]
STEM in General Education: Does Mathematics Competence Influence Course Selection
Mary C. Enderson and John Ritz PDF [289 KB] HTML [55 KB]
Educators’ Resistance to the Technology and Engineering Education Transition
Kenneth L. Rigler Jr. PDF [315 KB] HTML [57 KB]
An Investigation of Measurement Uncertainty of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) by Comparative Analysis
Jayson Minix, Hans Chapman, Nilesh Joshi, and Ahmad Zargari PDF [452 KB]

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