JTE v26n2 - Miscellany

Volume 26, Number 2
Spring 2015


Scope of the JTE

The Journal of Technology Education provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology and engineering-related education. Manuscripts should focus on technology and engineering-related education research, philosophy, and theory. In addition, the Journal publishes book reviews, editorials, guest articles, comprehensive literature reviews, and reactions to previously published articles.

Editorial/Review Process

Manuscripts that appear in the Articles section have been subjected to a blind review by three or more members of the Editorial Board. This process generally takes from six to eight weeks, at which time authors are promptly notified of the status of their manuscript. Book reviews, editorials, and reactions are reviewed by the Editor.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

One paper copy of each manuscript and an electronic version in Microsoft Word format on a CD, diskette, or other electronic media should be submitted to:

Chris Merrill, JTE Editor
Department of Technology
Illinois State University
215 Turner Hall
Normal, IL 61790-5100

  1. Overseas submissions in Microsoft Word format may be sent electronically via the Internet (to cpmerri@ilstu.edu ) to expedite the review process.
  2. All manuscripts must be double-spaced and must adhere to the guidelines published in Publication Guidelines of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). Tables and figures, however, should be imbedded within the text itself rather than at the end of the document.
  3. All figures and artwork must be scalable to fit within the JTE page size (4.5” x 7.25” column width and length) and included electronically within the document.
  4. Line drawings and graphs must be editable within Microsoft products and in vector rather than raster format when possible.
  5. Shading should not be used as a background for illustrations or graphs and within bar graphs. If needed, fill patterns consisting of lines should be used.
  6. Manuscripts for articles should generally be 15-20 pages (22,000-36,000 characters in length, with 36,000 characters an absolute maximum). Book reviews, editorials, and reactions should be approximately four to eight manuscript pages (approx. 6,000-12,000 characters).
  7. Authors for whom English is not the primary language must enlist a native English editor for the manuscript prior to submission. This person and his/her email address must be identified on the title page of the manuscript.

Subscription Information

The Journal of Technology Education is published twice annually (Fall and Spring issues). New and renewing subscribers should copy and mail the form below:

Name (please print):__________________________________________
Mailing Address (please print)__________________________________
Email Address:______________________ Fax:___________________
____ New Subscription ____ Renewal Subscription

Make checks payable to: Journal of Technology Education . All checks must be drawn on a US bank.

Regular (USA): $20
Regular (Canada/Overseas): $30
Library (USA): $30
Library (Canada/Overseas): $40
Individual Back Issues (USA): $10 each
Individual Back Issues (Canada/Overseas): $15 each

Return remittance along with this form to:

Chris Merrill, JTE Editor
Department of Technology
Illinois State University
215 Turner Hall
Normal, IL 61790-5100

JTE Co-Sponsors & Membership Information

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) is a non-profit educational association concerned with advancing technological literacy. The Association functions at many levels – from international to local – in responding to member concerns. The Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE), affiliated with the ITEEA, is concerned primarily with technology teacher education issues and activities. For membership information, contact: ITEEA, 1914 Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091 (703) 860-2100.

Journal of Technology Education


Chris Merrill , Illinois State University

Technical Editor

Amanda Fain , Illinois State University

Previous Editors

Mark Sanders , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1989-1997)
James LaPorte , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1997-2010)

Editorial Review Board

Vincent Childress , North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University
Rodney Custer , Black Hills State University
Jenny Daugherty , Purdue University
Marc deVries , Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Patrick Foster , Central Connecticut State University
W. Tad Foster , Indiana State University
Brenda Gustafson , University of Alberta, Canada
Ronald Hansen , University of Western Ontario, Canada
Christine Hailey , Utah State University
Oenardi Lawanto , Utah State University
Theodore Lewis , University of Trinidad and Tobago
Stephen Petrina , University of British Columbia, Canada
Philip Reed , Old Dominion University
Mary Annette Rose , Ball State University
Kay Stables , Goldsmiths University of London, England
Ken Volk , Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi
John Wells , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
John Williams , University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Electronic Access to the JTE

All issues of the Journal of Technology Education may be accessed on the World Wide Web at: http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals/JTE/ (Note: this URL is case sensitive).

The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Editorial Review Board, or the officers of the Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education and the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association.