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Volume 26, Number 2
Fall 2015

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Table of Contents

Identifying Characteristics of Technology and Engineering Teachers Striving for Excellence Using a Modified Delphi
Mary Annette Rose, Steven Shumway, Vinson Carter, & Josh Brown PDF [431 KB] HTML [63 KB]
Who Is Doing the Engineering, the Student or the Teacher? The Development and Use of a Rubric to Categorize Level of Design for the Elementary Classroom
Louis S. Nadelson, Joshua Pfiester, Janet Callahan, & Patricia Pyke PDF [397 KB] HTML [82 KB]
Examining Students' Proportional Reasoning Strategy Levels as Evidence of the Impact of an Integrated LEGO Robotics and Mathematics Learning Experience
Araceli Martínez Ortiz PDF [636 KB] HTML [73 KB]

Book Reviews
Beyond the University: Why Liberal Education Matters
Brian C. Preble PDF [201 KB] HTML [13 KB]
Rethinking Engineering Education: The CDIO Approach
Simon Sultana PDF [218 KB] HTML [19 KB]
An Apple for the Teacher: Computers and Work in Elementary Schools
William Thornburgh PDF [152 KB] HTML [9 KB]


Miscellany PDF [200 KB] HTML [10 KB]

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