JVER v25n4 - Editor's Note

Volume 25, Number 4

Editor's Notes

James R. Stone III
University of Minnesota

In this issue, five studies are presented. Kotrlik, Harrison and Redmann examine high school vocational teachers' perceptions of the value of information technology for instructional purposes as well as their personal assessment of their own ability to use technology and how they learn about it. Hermanussen and her colleagues developed an instrument to measure learning styles appropriate to work based learning situations. Stull and his colleagues analyze the factors that affect the breadth of a school's STW offerings. Boatwright and Slate explore demographic predictors of work ethic. Stone and Josiam examine the impact of both job quality and school supervision of work experience in the development of adolescent attitudes about work and specific job behaviors. Finally, we close this issue with another in our series of invited articles exploring the meaning and purpose of vocational education in the United States today. Morgan Lewis challenges us to reconsider a 19th century philosophy that he argues resonates in today's world. As before, you are invited to respond to these discussions with your own perspectives.

This is the final issue of 2000. I wish to thank the many reviewers listed below for their professional contributions which help to ensure that you continue to receive a quality journal.

Ken Bartlett, University of Minnesota
Lisa Brega, Iowa State University
Debra Bragg, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Thomas Breuning, The Pennsylvania State University
Mike Burnett, Louisiana State University
Janet Burns, Georgia State University
Susan Camp, SUNY-Oswego
William Camp, Virginia Tech
James Christiansen, Texas A&M University
Carol Conroy, Cornell University
Michael Dyernfurth, Iowa State University
Michael Dosumu, Railway Technical School, Lagos, Nigeria
Steve Eggeland, University of Nebraska
Laura Eisenman, University of Delaware
Cheryl Evanciew, Oklahoma State University
Edgar Farmer, The Pennsylvania State University
Wanda Fox, Purdue University
Bryan Garton, University of Missouri-Columbia
Ken Gray, The Pennsylvania State University
Don Gelven, Linn State Technical College
Howard Gordon, Marshall University
Helen Hall, Georgia State University
Frank Hammons, Florida International University
Marcelle Hardy, University of Québec, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Victor Hernandez, Florida State University
Barbara Hinton, University of Arkansas
Francine Hultgren, University of Maryland
Richard Joerger, University of Minnesota
Jerome Kapes (retired), University of Texas-Austin
John Kessell, Iowa State University
Kamiar Kouzekanani, University of Texas-Houston
K. Peter Kuchinke, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Johanna Lasonen, Jyvaskyla, Finland
Theodore Lewis, University of Minnesota
Joyce Logan, University of Kentucky
Richard Lynch, University of Georgia
Jerry McClelland, University of Minnesota
David Montrois, DeKalb Board of Education (GA)
Tom Owens (retired), Northwest Regional Education Lab (NWREL)
Henry O'Lawrence, Penn State University
David Pucel, University of Minnesota
Jay Rojewski, University of Georgia
Sheila Ruhland, University of Minnesota
John Schell, University of Georgia
Cliff Smith, University of Georgia
Michael Swan, Washington State University
Kirk Swortzel, Mississippi State
Hollie Thomas, Florida State University
Robert Warmbrod, The Ohio State University
Chris Zirkle, Indiana State University