JVME v21n2: Proceedings, Symposium on Veterinary Medical Education: A Changing Future

Fall 1994
Volume 21, Number 2


A Symposium sponsored by the Association of American Veterinary Colleges and The Pew Health Professions Commission and held in association with the Annual Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Minneapolis, MN, July 17, 1993.

Moderators and Editors: E. A. Stone and W. R. Pritchard

Table of Contents

Page 119
A Changing World and a Changing Profession Challenge Veterinary Medical Education ,
W. R. Pritchard

Page 123
The Impact of PNVEP and Future Needs on Private Practice ,
J. W. Albers

Page 125
Ongoing Curricular Change in Veterinary Medical Colleges ,
B. E. Hooper

Page 130
The Impact of PNVEP and Future Needs on Public and Corporate Practice ,
L. King

Page 133
Science and Universities in the Balance ,
R. M. Rosenzweig

Page 137
Challenges Facing Veterinary Medical Education and Some Strategies for the Future ,
J. A. Shadduck

Page 140
Multi-College/Interinstitutional Networks: Lessons Learned from the Food Animal Production Medicine Consortium ,
H. F. Troutt