JVME v21n2 - Table of Contents

Fall 1994
Volume 21, Number 2

R. B. Talbot, DVM, PhD

Jane Talbot

Guest Editorial

Dick Talbot -- A Personal Remembrance
L. M. Crawford

Refereed Articles

Toward a Comprehensive Multimedia Instructional Delivery System for Veterinary Medicine
J. C. Galland and W. E. Michaels

Preparing Veterinary Students with the Interactive Skills to Effectively Work with Clients and Staff
R. L. Russell

Validity of Interviews for Admissions Evaluation
E. G. Kelman and S. Canger

Having Students as Integral Rather than Peripheral Participants in Production Medicine Investigations
D. J. Sprecher and J. A. Farmer

Facilitated Student Feedback to Improve Teaching and Learning
S. L. Stockham and J. F. Amann

Correlations between Preveterinary Admissions Variables and Academic Success in Core Courses during the First Two Years of the Veterinary Curriculum
J. F. Zachary and D. J. Schaeffer


New Publications

1993-1994 AAVMC Annual Report

Proceedings, 13th Veterinary Medical Education Symposium: Designing a Template for Graduate Education in the 21st Century

Proceedings, Symposium on Veterinary Medical Education: A Changing Future

Book Reviews

Manual of Reptiles
The Health of Poultry
Handbook of Small Animal Dentistry, 2nd ed.
Stereotypic Animal Behaviour: Fundamentals and Applications to Welfare





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