JVME v21n2: Handbook of Small Animal Dentistry, 2nd ed.

Volume 21, Number 2 Fall, 1994

Handbook of Small Animal Dentistry, 2nd ed.

P. Emily and S. Penman. Pergamon Press,
660 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591-5153. 1994, 117 pp.

Dr. Peter Emily published the first edition of this book in 1990. This second edition includes the recent developments in dental materials and techniques in dentistry. This handbook is an excellent overview of general dentistry as found in a veterinary practice. It gives practical guidance to the treatment of the dental conditions encountered daily. It is written for the veterinary practitioner and student as a working manual, with emphasis on the practical aspects. The procedures most frequently used in small animal dentistry are described in a detailed step-by-step approach, with numerous drawings and photographs to illustrate the important points and the instrumentation required. The layout of the pages describing the techniques are carefully designed to be clear and easy to use, with detailed descriptions and illustrations.

The book is well organized including sections on:

  • Anatomy reviewing occlusal relationships, eruption patterns of temporary and permanent teeth, structure of teeth and supporting structures, and natural defense mechanism;
  • Hand Instruments found in dentistry, their identification, how they are used and sharpened;
  • Power Equipment utilized in dentistry for cleaning and restoring teeth; mechanical scalers, drills and handpieces, and bur types;
  • Radiographic Techniques , intraoral and extraoral techniques;
  • Periodontal Disease , its etiology, periodontal therapy illustrating the instrumentation, scaling, curettage, root planing techniques and minor periodontal surgical therapy;
  • Restorative Dentistry with review of materials, cavity preparations, and restorative techniques;
  • Endodontics , etiology of pulpal pathology, endodontic treatment, and potential complications;
  • Extraction and Oronasal Fistula Closure Techniques , and
  • Problems Peculiar to Continually Erupting Teeth .

Lawrence J. Kyle, DDS