SPT v2n3n4: Table of Contents

Number 3-4
Spring-Summer 1997
Volume 2

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Editor:  Paul T. Durbin


Paul T. Durbin HTML [2 KB]

Biotechnology and the Creation of Health Care Needs
Brian S. Baigrie and Patricia J. Kazan HTML [62 KB]

Scientific Instrument Making, Epistemology, and the Conflict between Gift and Commodity Economics
Davis Baird HTML [53 KB]

The Interdisciplinary Constraint on Ecological Reason
Donald Beggs HTML [21 KB]

Social Constructivism for Philosophers of Technology: A Shopper's Guide
Philip Brey HTML [63 KB]

Sustainability, Engineering, and Australian Academe
Stephen Johnston HTML [53 KB]

Progress, Values, and Responsibility
Hans Lenk HTML [40 KB]

Biological Diversity and Political Equality: The Social Impact of Genetic Tests
Josh Luis Lujan and Luis Moreno HTML [53 KB]

G del's Incompleteness Theorems and Artificial Life
John P. Sullins III HTML [43 KB]