SPT v2n3n4 - Preface

Number 3-4
Spring-Summer 1997
Volume 2


We are nearing the end of our second year of this electronic journal, and the problems associated with a new venture have not disappeared. We have, here again, a double issue--though only one this year, and that at the end. Some readers continue to have difficulty with the "nice" format and can only get the html format. But we do now have two formats, and we are now able to include page numbers. There are even tables and figures this time, however primitive. Who knows? We might eventually be able to include illustrations.

But those are issues of form. The substance has been here from the beginning, and we continue to be pleased with the caliber of the papers. Some of these have an ancient pedigree, left over (though not in exactly the same form) from the 1993 SPT conference in Peniscola, Spain; some are from the 1996 conference in Puebla, Mexico; and some have come in over the threshold. All, our referees have agreed, are worthy of publication.

There is no coherent theme for this double issue. In that respect, it is much more like the contents of any field's professional journal.

We clearly have not yet arrived. But we are getting somewhere.