SPT v6n1: Table of Contents

Number 1
Fall 2002
Volume 6

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Editor, Davis Baird db@sc.edu
Editorial Assistant, Sid Littlefield littleft@mailbox.sc.edu


Editor's Notes
Davis Baird HTML [3 KB]

Introduction: Getting a Grip on Holding On to Reality
Phil Mullins (Guest Editor) HTML [24 KB]

Information and Ersatz Reality: Comments on Albert Borgmann's Holding On to Reality
Eliseo Fernandez HTML [13 KB]

Holding On, and Letting Go: A Review of Holding On to Reality: The Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium
Myron Tuman HTML [36 KB]

Borgmann and the Borg: Consumerism vs. Holding on to Reality
Charles Ess HTML [50 KB]

The Problem of Meaning and Borgmann's Realist Response
Phil Mullins HTML [61 KB]

Devices of Engagement: On Borgmann's Philosophy of Information and Technology
Peter-Paul Verbeek HTML [63 KB]

Borgmann, Technology and the Good Life? and the Empirical Turn for Philosophy of Technology
Hans Achterhuis HTML [50 KB]

Response to My Readers
Albert Borgmann HTML [44 KB]