SPT v6n1 - Editor's Note on Volume Numeration and Publication Dates

Number 1
Fall 2002
Volume 6

Editor's Note on Volume Numeration and Publication Dates

Readers of Techné will have noticed a significant slippage in the publication dates assigned to issues and the actual date of publication. Volume 5, number 3 has a publication date of spring 2001, but was published in spring of 2002. There are several reasons for this, which include the exploration of alternative publishing outlets, delayed submission of papers and tardy preparation of papers for publication. In an effort to bring the publication dates of issues in line with the actual date of publication, we are making an adjustment with this issue. This issue will be volume 6, number 1, fall 2002. Volume 5 will not have a fourth issue. Henceforth, Techné will publish two issues per year; the next issue after this one will be volume 6, number 2, spring 2003, and will appear in April of 2003.

I continue to pursue steps to improve the quality of Techné. The next issue will include several book reviews, which have been organized by Techné's newly established book review editor, Shannon Duval [ duvals@mtmary.edu ]. If you know of a book that contributes to the philosophy of technology, which would be of interest to readers of Techné-perhaps your own book-please contact Shannon about getting it reviewed in the journal. I am also engaged in discussions with the series Research in the Philosophy of Technology [RPT] and Ends and Means over a merger and joint publication, ideally in both paper and electronic formats.

I welcome your inquiries and suggestions, and particularly your scholarship. Please contact me at db@sc.edu .

Davis Baird, Editor