Virginia Tech Magazine

Volume 15, Number 3
Spring 1993


4 In Honor of Horace Fralin
Virginia Tech's new biotechnology center will be named for Horace Fralin--Virginia Tech Board of Visitors member, friend, and alumnus--who died in January.
6 Virginia Tech Underground
Once a caver, always a caver. Virginia Tech Cave Club continues to lure students underground while maintaining a strong alumni membership.
10 Lessons in Caring
As life expectancies lengthen, middle-aged individuals feel squeezed between the demands of dependent children and aging parents. Virginia Tech offers a solution--adult day care. The center is the nation's first to train students specifically for a career in this growing new field.
14 Wireless Whiz
Presidential Faculty Fellow Ted Rappaport predicts that developmental research by Virginia Tech's wireless communications group could create a "Wireless Valley" of related industry in Southwest Virginia similar to California's Silicon Valley.
16 House + House = Success
This free-spirited alumni architectural team set off for San Francisco with no jobs and no contacts; six years later they're designing mansions and sleek retail offices.


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