WILLA v5 - Strawberry Moon

Volume 5
Fall 1996

Strawberry Moon

Lee Ann Hughes

The Strawberry Moon:
Emerges from eclipse,
Like the eaglet
Ivory wings folded, quivering,
Head proudly facing the future.

The Strawberry Moon:
Streaming through drum circles
Silvering eagle-feathered dancers
As moccasined dancers' bells
Flash like June's lightning iced,

Engaging the Great Spirit.
The Strawberry Moon:
Reflecting my Whiteness,
Coaxes vermilion buds
Folded beneath the dusty
Sepals of my silk flower.

Lee Ann Hughes is a mother, wife, and teacher of the most wonderful, magic high school students. She writes about metamorphosis and the wonder all around us.

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Reference Citation : Hughes, Lee Ann (1996). "Strawberry Moon." WILLA , Volume V, p. 3.