WILLA v6 - Violation Crude

Volume 6
Fall 1997


Pamela E. Hartsock

Alone she lies exposed

Thin gown hiked up swollen waist

Legs open like a turkey waiting to be sliced

Loving voyeurs with snap shot flashes

Make ooing sounds as if watching some

acrobatic feat.

The pain crescendoes until violins

Scream in her ears.

Bearing down she marvels at strippers able to

smoke cigarettes from this part of their body

Flushing the head is crowned

Knife flashes quick its thorny blade

Wet waxy perfection placed in her arms

The only pain now the gentle pulling of the needle

She memorizes each detail

This more reverent than communion.

Drunk with the fullness of this moment

Could she have misunderstood the words coming

from Doctor lips?

Glib knowing words to husband pull bones from

her body

The last suture closing the gaping cavern

"This last stitch is for you."