WILLA Volume 6 - Table of Contents

Volume 6
Fall 1997

Table of Contents



Upon Viewing the AIDS Quilt: One Feminist's Response
by Jace Condravy

Review of The Liar's Club
by Sally Ann Kress

A Different Kind of Course: An Experiment in Teaching Gender Issues
by Alice Cross and Geraldine O'Neill

Both Ursula and Ariel: Searching for a Feminist/Expressivist Theory of Voice
by Heidi Estrem

Violation Crude
by Pamela E. Hartsock

The Woman on Her Second Honeymoon in Key West
by Donna Decker

The Twelve-Year-Old Granddaughter from Tampa Feeds the Fish Off Mallory Pier
by Donna Decker

Her Art and His Craft: Writing Across Gender and Genre at the High School Level
by Tilia Klebenov

My Education
by Leigh Kopczuk

Death, Domesticity, and the Feminine Gaze: Bishop's "First Death in Nova Scotia"
by Martha Marinara

Reading the Neighborhood: Community as Text in The House on Mango Street
by Nancy Zuercher

by Ariana Reines

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From the Editor's Desk...
Jo Gillikin

Section Editors:

If not I, who? If not now, when?
Vicki Zack, Elementary Section Editor

"Jeered by the Minor Demons"
Ruth McClain, Secondary Section Editor

More Than One Perspective
Patricia P. Kelly, College Section Editor

Reflecting on Retirement
Pat Bloodgood, Retired Section Editor


The editors of WILLA, the journal of the NCTE Women in Literature and Life Assembly, encourage contributions from varied perspectives, formats, and voices. Contributions should focus on the status and image of women. Contributions might include critical essays, teaching strategies for all levels, bibliographies, personal essays, and other creative works. Each should be no more than twelve double-spaced, typed pages and use current MLA style for documentation. Send three copies of the manuscript with the word count included and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Author's name and institution affiliation should not appear on the manuscript. Deadline is April 30, 1998. Mail to: WILLA , Lee Williams, Editor, ELEC Department, McKay Ed. Bldg., Slippery Rock University, Silppery Rock, PA 16057.