Virginia Tech Faculty Archives

Janet L. Cameron,

Foods and Nutrition Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Janet L. Cameron Scrapbook
Traveling across Virginia as a Food and Nutrition Specialist from 1931-1964, Janet Cameron demonstrated modern recipes, cooking techniques, and food preparation ideas she developed. Her audiences included home demonstration clubs and 4-H club leaders. Alice Johnson documented Cameron's activities in this scrapbook. The Culinary Thymes, Issue 2, Winter 2001 features an article about Cameron's work.

Patrick W. Carlton,

Associate Professor of Educational Administration (1974-2000)

Oral History of the Principalship
This is a collection of interviews from a project designed to elicit views, reminiscences, and accumulated wisdom from retired elementary, middle, and high school principals. Most of the interviewees are from the Southeast (mainly Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia, and West Virginia), with representative materials from Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Transcripts and audio samples are provided. Dr. Carlton developed these pages in conjunction with Virginia Tech's New Media Center (now called InnovationSpace). Ms89-040

Raymond Dessy,

Professor Emeritus of of Chemistry

Exile from Olynthus
Dr. Dessy has documented the year (1927-1928) that Wilhelmina van Ingen Elarth spent abroad at the American School for Classical Studies (ASCSA) in Athens. She participated in the excavations at the archeological site of the city of Olynthus. Elarth studied in Art and Architecture as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University. Her collection, Ms69-004, is available in Special Collections.

Mapping the Blues: Genes, Early Blues Music, 1900-1930
This illustrated essay examines the mutations of the "genes" which led to the expression of the early blues. Imbedded in the text are numberous examples of lyrics and cover-art from 1904-1928.

William E. Dugger, Jr.,

Professor Emeritus of Technology Education

As director of the Technology for all Americans Project, Dr. Dugger lead the development of standards for technological literacy for the International Technology Education Association. The original TAA site is also available.

Wilma A. Dunaway,

Professor of Government and International Affairs

Slavery and Emancipation in the Mountain South: Sources, Evidence and Methods
This online archive supports Dr. Dunaway's books, Slavery in the American Mountain South and The African-American Family in Slavery and Emancipation. Slavery flourished amidst a nonslaveholding majority and a large surplus of poor white landless laborers in Southern Appalachia.

Southern Laboring Women: The Gendered Boundaries of Race, Ethnicity, and Class in Antebellum Appalachia, 1700-1860 is the companion Web site for Dr. Dunaway's book, Women, Work and Family in the Antebellum Mountain South (Cambridge University Press, 2008). She investigates the scope and socioeconomic impacts of antebellum women's work for the multiethnic majority of females who resided in the Appalachian South.

Elizabeth Fine,

Professor and Humanities Program Director

International Colloquium on Communication
Beginning with 2006 (vol. 20) papers presented at the biennial International Colloquium on Communication are available online from DLA. Sprechen und Verstehen (Speaking and Understanding: writings on speech science and speech training) is a series published by Röhrig Universitätsverlag. "Applied Communication in Organizational and International Contexts" (20th ICC), is also available for purchase from Röhrig Universitätsverlag.

Ann Hertzler,

Professor Emerita of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise

I've Been Working in the Kitchen
This online presentation was adapted from the slides and script created in the late 1980's for the Virginia Cooperative Extension to spark interest in teaching preschool children basic kitchen skills. The >90 images portray preschoolers learning by doing as they build on their basic skill set. This is part of the Dr. Ann Hertzler Collection, Ms2001-004.
I've Been Working in the Kitchen PDF (5.4 MB)
I've Been Working in the Kitchen Powerpoint Slides (6.8 MB)
I've Been Working in the Kitchen Script (12.6 K)

Food Curriculum
Co-authored by Marilyn Blossom, this online presentation was adapted from the slides and script created for the Missouri Cooperative Extension. It shows how to teach preschool children basic kitchen skills. The more-than-130 images portray preschoolers learning by doing through instruction on where foods come from, food preparation skills, and foods nutritional values. This presentation also illustrates how children learn to use math, social, classification, and motor skills while preparing food. This is part of the Dr. Ann Hertzler Collection, Ms2001-004.
Food Curriculum PDF (5.4 MB)
Food Curriculum Powerpoint Slides (12.3 MB)
Food Curriculum Script (181 K)

Nutrition Central
This site was aimed at K-6 teachers and students, offering information on all the food groups, pages just for teachers and just for students, and food related books. Hertzler developed this Web site while she was faculty of the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise at Virginia Tech.

Jim Marchman,

Professor Emeritus of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering

The Last Western Flyer: The Western Auto Century (2004) PDF 229 Mb
The Last Western Flyer chronicles the almost century long story of one of the most successful small town franchise operations in 20th Century America. From its humble beginnings as a penny mailer sent from the kitchen of a Kansas City home, through a quarter century of mail order, and on to over 5,000 retail outlets under its famous Circle Arrow signs; Western Auto brought everything from tires and spark plugs to socks and ties and vitamin pills, from fishing lures to radios, and, of course, its famous Western Flyer bikes to both major cities and small towns all over the USA. Started in 1909 and blossoming in midcentury, Western Auto succumbed to changing times and corporate takeover in the early 21st Century.

Jim Marchman's father started working for Western Auto in 1935 and Jim owned one of the last of the company's dealer stores. This experience, plus company catalogs and other material going back to its start in 1909, have provided a fascinating treasure trove of pictures and history to tell the story of the rise and fall of this beloved National Institution. In addition to the company's Western Flyer brand, Jim gives us a look at other Western Auto products like Truetone radios and TVs, Davis and Western Giant tires, and the hundreds of items sold under the Wizard label.

Raghu Pasupathy,

Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Optimal Sampling Laws for Stochastically Constrained Simulation Optimization on Finite Sets , with Susan R. Hunter
Consider the context of selecting an optimal system from amongst a finite set of competing systems, based on a stochastic objective function and subject to multiple stochastic constraints. In this context, we characterize the asymptotically optimal sample allocation that maximizes the rate at which the probability of false selection tends to zero. We provide a consistent estimator for the optimal allocation, and a corresponding sequential algorithm that is fit for implementation.

Humberto Rodriguez-Camilloni & Abbye A. Gorin,

School of Architecture + Design

A Visual Text: History of Architecture Catalogue for Hypertext
This site was adapted from a laser disc developed teaching art history to Architecture students at Virginia Tech's by Dr. Rodriguez and Abbye A. Gorin. The originial text and images were from the laser disk were reformatted for this Web site. This site is available to the VT campus only.

Mark Sanders,

Professor Emeritus of Technology Education

From 1997-2009, the GRAPHIC COMM CENTRAL Web portal (GCC) provided access to thousands of educational resources for graphic communication faculty, students, and trainers. This June 2009 archive documents the GCC site, which was established Virginia Tech's Prof. Mark Sanders in 1997 and developed continuously under his direction through 2009 with support from the Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF). In November 2009, under GAERF's direction, a major revision of the GCC site was launched as graphicCOMMcentral (gCc) and reoriented to be a "link to the graphic communications industry".

Richard B. Talbot,

Veterinary Medicine

The Green Book
In the 1990s, the Scholarly Communications Project worked with Dr. Richard Talbot to provide access to the FDA Approved Animal Drug Data Base, a database that was developed and managed by the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. The Green Book is now published by the US Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine.

Philip E. Young,

University Libraries

The Serials Crisis and Open Access: A White Paper for the Virginia Tech Commission on Research
The open access movement is an attempt to free scholarly communication from restrictions on access, control, and cost, and to enable benefits such as data mining and increased citations. While open access is approached here from the problem of subscription inflation, open access is not merely a library issue; it affects the availability of research to current and future students and scholars. This white paper offers an introduction to open access as well as a look at its current development.