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VTR Update

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 4 - September 15, 1994

1993 RECYCLING TOTALS: 2,301,455.69 lbs/20.15-percent rate

materials recycled

--------------------------------------------- x 100=20.15 percent

solid waste disposed + materials recyled.

1994 STUDENT MOVE-IN TOTALS: 28,000 pounds corrugated cardboard recycled/98,260 pounds landfilled. 8,540 students moved in, average 14.78 lbs. recycling + trash generated per student.

GOPHER DIRECTORY: At the Ready prompt, "Gopher," (Enter) General Information about Virginia Tech (Enter) VTR-Virginia Tech Recycling (Enter). Directory includes route schedules for paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans, yearly audit figures, dropsite locations, materials guidelines, status of recycling for materials such as styrofoam, steel cans, and flourescent tubes and ballasts, and special initiatives--composting/landfill restoration/artworks. Thanks to Susan Olivier and Frank Wilder for constructing this directory.

COMPOSTING: The purchase by Physical Plant of an HD-10 Haybuster Tub Grinder has made the processing of leaves, brush, and pallets for compost and mulch a reality at Virginia Tech. With this machine, during July and August, VTR produced 160 dumptruck loads of variously sized mulch. Windrowing and temperature monitoring of mulch takes place at a site located at the university landfill prepared for the purpose by Physical Plant grounds workers.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION: The Center for Environmental Studies, in cooperation with VTR, has two restoration projects under way at the university landfill. The first, which was publicized in the Roanoke Times, bloomed in a brilliant profusion of color this summer.

ARTWORKS: Merle Ukeles, official artist of the New York Sanitation Department, toured the university landfill in June with art students and faculty to discuss a variety of restoration and research projects. Ukeles is known world-wide for her work with landfills and restorations. Thanks to Ray Kass for this visit.

EARTHMOUND: In cooperation with sculptor Steve Bickley, VTR is currently building a "Turtle Mound," an exact replica of a Native American mound from Wisconsin. Bickley and students will be helping to complete the mound this fall. Others are planned.

RECYCLING AIDS: Colorful campus recycling wall posters (17"x22") are available from the VTR office. Call 1-9915 (Userid: REUSE). Thanks to Grant Corley for his artwork on the poster.