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Ticket policy to be reviewed

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 08 - October 13, 1994

Vice President for Student Affairs Tom Goodale says that the university may have to revise its athletic ticket pick-up policy if the conduct of students who "camp out" to get group tickets does not improve significantly.

"During the past several weeks, students who camped out to get group tickets for the West Virginia and Virginia games have acted irresponsibly, and in some cases, dangerously," said Goodale. "We are fortunate that nothing very serious has happened so far, but this type of behavior must stop. "

Goodale said that for the present, the existing ticket policy was still in place, and students were able to camp out to pick up their tickets for last week's game against Temple University. "However, if there are any more violations of university policy and state law, then I am prepared to discontinue group seating for the remainder of the 1994 schedule. There will be no camping, no lines, and no group seating. In the end, the decision is up to the students," Goodale said that in the next few days officials from the Division of Student Affairs would meet with student groups to help insure that the ticket pick up is done in an orderly manner.

"Additionally, we will be looking at ways to provide better service to students to get tickets for the upcoming basketball season and next year's football season.

"All of us are proud of our athletic teams and appreciate the enthusiasm for the varsity football team and its success to date. But let's keep that enthusiasm focused where it belongs: on the football game," Goodale said.