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Executive Travel Memo

Spectrum Volume 17 Issue 09 - October 20, 1994

(Editor's note: The following information is distributed by Dwight Shelton, Controller's Office)

Governor's Executive Memorandum 7-94

The governor recently issued Executive Memorandum 7-94 (EM); this EM establishes general travel policies for all executive-branch agencies and personnel. The EM was effective Oct. 1, 1994, even though we did not receive it until after that date. The EM contains new travel policies that are more restrictive and require more administrative work than we experience in our current environment. The university administration is working to develop procedures for implementation of this program which create the least amount of burden to our faculty, staff, and students. In addition, we are working with the secretary of education, the Department of Accounts, and other state officials to request changes in or exceptions to portions of this EM.

However, we must act now to implement the EM, even as we are trying to minimize burdensome requirements. As a result, we will issue a deans, directors, and department heads memo that will provide detailed, interim guidance on implementation of the EM, a copy of the EM, and a travel-approval form. Key elements of the EM include:

1. Employees are required to prepare total-cost estimates, in advance, for all proposed travel. Travel with total-cost estimates in excess of $500 must be approved in writing and in advance by the president; however, we are seeking a provision to delegate this approval to the department heads.

2. In general, attendance at conferences and conventions is limited to two employees per agency. Some limited exceptions are provided by the policy or may be approved by the state.

3. Specific information must be accumulated on all out-of-country travel, and the agency must provide quarterly, comprehensive reports to the state on this travel activity.

4. In certain situations, the agency must formally evaluate holding seminars, workshops, or training programs on-campus.

5. Documentation of these actions must be prepared, accumulated, and retained.

For planning purposes, please be aware that, in addition to this EM, we believe the state will soon issue new guidance and limitations on reimbursement levels for meals and lodging.

Our immediate guidance is:

1. If you have travel planned within the next few days which appears to fall within the limitations of items 1 or 2 above, please feel free to call Larry Lawrence (extension 1-8629), Roger Thomas (1-8551), or Nellie Keffer (1-8625) in the Controller's Office. We will do our best to help you comply with the EM.

2. If you have travel plans for a date further into the future, please review the deans, directors, and department heads mailing carefully. This memo will provide guidance on how to implement and get assistance in adhering to the EM.

3. If you have traveled since October 1 but before this notice, you do not have to take any action at this time. However, the state may ask for some retroactive reporting or approval of this travel. If so, we will be in touch with you again.

We appreciate your cooperation in working with us on this issue. Please be assured that we are doing our very best to make the state understand the difficulties of implementing these new policies as well as the adverse impacts on our operations and programs.